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Monday, June 17, 2013

Video Game Character Spotlight: The Prince

Bouncing out of from a kingdom beyond the heavens, the Prince (also known as the “Dashing Prince,” “The Prince of All Cosmos” or “the Protagonist Formerly Known as Prince”) is the hero behind Namco's little known yet widely successful wonder, Katamari Damacy. A tiny green thing standing at 5 cm, the Prince is known throughout the world as the small, dutiful protagonist who's adventure is one bigger than himself, both metaphorically and physically. But he does it all with the light-hardheartedness and the cuteness of a newborn kitten, greatly overpowering the grim reality of his task: to roll up everything and everyone he can on Earth to recreate them into stars, without remorse.

“Behold, the face of the Destroyer,”

It all starts out, as most great stories do, with a night where there was just a little too much alcohol. The Prince's father, who's the King of All Cosmos and as big as a planet, gets too drunk one night and accidentally takes out all the stars in the entire cosmos. So to make amends, the King charges the Prince with the job of bringing the stars back. And when your father is the King of All Cosmos, not only do you generally have to do what he says, but it also makes it impossible to decide what to get him for Father's Day.

“It was either this or a toolbox the size of the sun,”

To accomplish the Prince's task, he is given a magical ball called the Katamari, which has the ability to cause anything smaller than its mass to stick to it. It starts off only slightly bigger than the Prince but as more and more objects build upon the ball, it quickly takes on the size of the stars recently put out. As the stars of the universe come back slowly but surely, the Prince finishes his adventure by recreating the moon with the last bunch of mass from Earth, along with a family he befriended on his stay (don't worry, they had it coming). Successful in his father's the request, the Prince finally earns the respect of the King of All Cosmos and the game ends in a flying montage involving dinosaurs.

“We weren't joking,”

Thus concludes the adventure of the Prince in Katamari Damacy, but this didn't mean that his adventures in the kookiness of the universe were over. The Prince, along with the King of All Cosmos and a whole slew of new characters, return for different adventures in the series' sequels: We Love Katamari, Me & My Katamari, Beautiful Katamari, Katamari Forever and the "ever-classic-and-coming-to-a-porn-store-near-you," Touch My Katamari. These are the stories of the Prince, who through it all, endures with the same cute brightness and determination that warmed him into our hearts from the very start. Even with his complete disregard for human life.

"May God have mercy on our Katamaris,"


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