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Monday, June 3, 2013

Regular posting, more contributors, and a new home!

Hello world! I am back! After a nearly six month moving-imposed hiatus, A Bit of Geek has returned! I expected to be gone only one month, but you know how life goes. Now that I am fully equipped with a job, a home, and some semblance of a schedule, I am ready to write, create, and film up a geeky storm!

This activity resurgence will be accompanied by new contributors! I'm extremely excited to announce that my friends Rachel and Zach will be a part of the A Bit of Geek team. Rachel brings a wealth of gaming, music, literary, and crafting experience to the table. She emerses herself into the expansive RPG world far more than I do, and I can't wait to have a voice for games such as Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls series present here on the site. I expect many more craft projects will pop up as well!

Zach is a particularly thrilling addition because of his musical knowledge and his emphatic love for Mega Man. Those are two subjects that I am woefully lacking! He is also a rambunctious individual, keen on topical debates and serious, educated discussions. I tend to be a bit passive and afraid of rocking the boat, so it's really excellent to know that A Bit of Geek will soon have somewhat of an edge to it!

It's hard to say that anything excites me more than having contributors, but the fact that I have a brand new website nearly takes the cake. A Bit of Geek has officially moved to, and I hope it will remain there and happy for the foreseeable future! This blogspot site will stay up for the sake of all of my original articles, but this is the last new post you'll see here.

Be sure to check out the new site ( !!) and let me know what you think! It features an internal login and commenting system, and there's a gallery so all of my photography and paper sculpts will be viewable in one spot for the first time!

The template was designed by Brent Bautista, and all of it was carefully, lovingly, and attentively entwined within Expression Engine by the talented and patient Chris Divyak. I can't attest to Brent's administrator skills, but I think he made me one hell of a layout! As for Chris, he's been really quite amazing as an administrator. I can't help but wonder what type of site he'd have built me if I'd gone to him in the first place. If you're ever in need of a web designer then please, give him a shout!

I think that about wraps this up now. Thank you to the people that have stuck around! Now that I'm back into the swing of things you can believe that there are a bunch of new and awesome things in the works!



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