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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Funday #1

I'm going to go ahead and try something new here, so bear with me. When Monday rolls around, a lot of people are getting up and ready to slog through another work week, right? A Bit of Geek wants to help with that, to make it easier, funnier, more pleasant. So, tentatively, every Monday we will have a fun Internet find to share with you!

Let's kick the week off right with some Game of Thrones humor. If you haven't watched season one of the HBO show, or at least read the first book or two, then there may be spoilers ahead. You've been warned!

Game of Thrones Dating Profiles from Team Pwnicorn

game of thrones Daenerys Targaryen dating profile

game of thrones Sandor Clegane dating profile

Be sure to check out the profiles of Hodor, Jaime Lannister, The Wall, and Loras Tyrell, because they're all pretty damn clever. I wish they had done more, especially for John Snow and Sansa Stark. Is your favorite character missing? Tell us who you root for in the series, just remember that no one is safe.


*via kotaku


No problem! They’re really excellent.

Thank you for sharing my dating profiles!

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