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Friday, June 28, 2013

Showcase: Totoro Playing Cards

How cool are these cards?! I am a nut for playing cards, I think I have at least twenty sets at this point. I don't believe I could pin point when that even happened, but it has been going on for years now. Whenever I see a truly unique deck of cards I pretty much have to buy them. So when I saw these amazing My Neighbor Totoro playing cards at Uwajimaya in Seattle, I freaked out!

my neighbor totoro playing cardsmy neighbor totoro playing cards

First of all, they were way too expensive. Your average deck of cards costs around three dollars. These weighed in at a whopping thirteen fifty! I staggered back in the store when I saw the price tag, but my mind was already made up. They came in a nice little shiny cardboard box, but within that box was another box, a plastic one! These bad boys are seriously protected from moisture, dust, and scuffed corners.

my neighbor totoro playing cards

Upon purchase, I didn't know what the cards faces would look like. The backs are an unstoppably adorable Totoro image, but for all I knew the other sides were plain, boring cards (which happens a lot). But, no. Every single card is different! The deck features various scenes from the entire film! I was elated to discover this! They ended up being completely work the cost. They're a fully playable 52 card deck, complete with two jokers and two blank cards (for whatever reason).

You can purchase your own Totoro playing cards from the Uwajimaya in Seattle (if you're in the area), or from Amazon, Yes Asia, and even Ebay. Just a heads up, they're more expensive online!


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The blank cards are not usually blank. I collect playing cards and only just recently learned that they are called Gaff cards because of one of the kickstarter decks that I backed - ?1370918448

I made an album of them :D I think I am missing one or two but this is most of them…

@Amanda Oh interesting! Thanks for the info :D I want to take pictures of all of mine and do a little showcase on here. I’d love to see your playing card collection!

Good idea! I really should document mine so that I know how many I have… pretty sure I’m close to 75 decks now :D

@Amanda That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Hopefully I’ll get my collection photographed and posted soon :D

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