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Friday, June 7, 2013

Video Game Character Spotlight: Gordon Freeman

A hero with the brains of Stephen Hawking and the trigger finger of Rambo, Gordon Freeman is the silent protagonist of Valve's classic video game series, Half-Life. Armed with his protective HEV(Hazardous Environment) Suit and a wide assortment of weaponry, Gordon is the one human that poses a serious threat to the alien conquerors known as the Combine. And who wouldn't when your face appears as if it was the basis for Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad?

"He's cooking up something more than trouble for these aliens..,”

A Seattleite with a Ph. D from MIT in theoretical physics, Gordon started out working as a scientist for the top secret research company, Black Mesa. It was during the events of Half-Life that Gordon and the other scientists accidentally opened a portal to the alien universe called Xen, unleashing a horde of killer aliens into the world. So what was Gordon Freeman, super genius and resident badass, to do? Bash some alien brains in, that's what!

“With room for mandatory snack breaks, of course.,”

Using his trusty crowbar, Gordon repelled the alien invasion and even went into their own dimension to give their leader a stern, civilized lecture (letting his crowbar do all the talking).

Unfortunately for the Free Man, his reward for Earth's safety was being flung through time and space by a mysterious figure known only as the G-Man. Cast forward two decades to Future Earth in Half-Life 2, Gordon learns that the alien empire known as the Combine have conquered Earth and subjugated humanity to a life of servitude under a Suppression Field, which also hinders human procreation. Mac Daddy Gordon then gives a mental, “Ahhh hell noooo!” and once again leaps into action, joining the Resistance in their noble struggle to free Earth from the Combine control.

“And certainly not joining for the purpose of dropping the field with the resistance leader's daughter.,”

But now things get crazy as Gordon is united not only with his crowbar, but with his most infamous weapon to date: the “Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator,” also know as the Gravity Gun. Capable of manipulating gravity to lift objects in the air, Gordon now uses this device as his all-purpose tool and weapon, moving obstructions from his path and then launching them at his enemies.

With his god-weapon in hand and the Resistance at his back, Gordon Freeman soon becomes the defender of humanity as the Half-Life series continues (we hope) to follow his never ending battle to defeat the Combine empire. All the while without saying a single word.

Gordon Freeman Guitar “Clearly a man muted by the horrors he's seen.,”


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