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Friday, November 2, 2012

Spanning Time and Space: Entering The Doctor Who Fandom

There is something unique about Doctor Who fans. They're open and accepting to newcomers, and they harbor no ill feelings if someone is 'late to the game'. If you tell a Doctor Who fan that you've just started watching episodes, they'll kick into overdrive and tell you that you 'have to watch more', they want to know which episode you saw first, and how far you've gotten. They tell you their favorite story arcs and they commiserate with how you felt during your first Regeneration. There's no competition for who is a better or longer fan, only love for The Doctor and all things in the Doctor Who universe.

A passionate Doctor Who excerpt found on my tumblr feed. All the love for The Doctor.

It wasn't until January of 2012 that I finally started my Doctor Who adventures. The internet shared promise of adventure and excitement, amazingly written stories and characters that I would fall in love with. Doctor Who has an amazing back catalogue of episodes to work off of (considering the fact that it initially aired in 1963), so this deep and varied universe has fantasy and science fiction offerings for every type of interested viewer.

'Doctor Who' Doctors one through ten. Source.

Shortly after this I attended Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, an annual Doctor Who convention that has been going for over twenty years. I was nervous about attending because I was afraid the long time fans would see me as a faker, I’d only seen two episodes! 

This fear stemmed from previous experiences when entering new fandoms. Shortly after The Fellowship of the Ring movie came out my mom bought me the Lord of the Rings book. However, it was the movie cover instead of a traditional cover. As I read in public and at school I was met with grief from long-time fans who hated that new readers were brought in because of the films, and my movie cover book became a source of shame instead of welcoming.

Amazing 'The Angels have the Phone Box' snowflake art 
by a dedicated Doctor Who fan. Source.

So at Gallifrey One I told people that I was new. I didn't expect outright unpleasantries, but I also didn't expect their positive energy. Cries of, "Keep watching, it's amazing!", "Oh, wait until you get to [x] episode!!", rang around the convention center halls. Everyone eagerly encouraged me to watch more. Everyone was excited that I was new and wanted to talk about their favorite episodes. And now that I've caught up with the current season it's not uncommon to swap literal sob stories pertaining to certain heart-wrenching character arcs.

It might sound a bit dramatic, but Doctor Who has seriously changed my life! I've met new friends, explored new corners of the internet, and immersed myself in Who related activities and crafts such as lamps, paper sculpts, pumpkins, costumes, themed lip balms, and wallpapers. If any people out there are on the fence about taking the plunge, then I encourage you to jump straight in!

What is your Doctor Who story?




My story is similar. I started watching out of curiosity, and when next I came up for air I had watched seven seasons of television in six weeks. And yes, the fandom is absolutely amazing. Whovians win. Also, it. is. amazing. how much more sense the Internet makes now. I didn't even know how much I wasn't understanding. Anyway, welcome, although it actually sounds like you've been a Whovian longer than I have, because I started watching about two months ago. Also +followed <3

Thanks for the story, Raz! And for the follow :) It's great to meet another Whovian!

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