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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ex-ter-mi-nate! Hall-o-ween-ate!

OK maybe the title isn't great, but the point here is that I'm sharing my Dalek Halloween costume!

The most feared alien race in existence.

2012 has been largely about Doctor Who for me, so it's no surprise that I went that route for my costume this year.

I've seen a number of amazing realistic Daleks as well as fun wearable dresses, and since I have limited capabilities I decided that a dress would be the right way to go. It would have worked for me to purchase a pre-made dress and then sew or glue on various accoutrements to make it Dalek-y, but I decided to make it myself. Having no knowledge of clothing assembling, and no pattern, this was a ballsy move.

Can Daleks suck the life from themselves? Do they ever smile?

The results could have been worse, but they also could have been loads better. I knew going in that it'd be a bit of a disaster, so that cushioned the blow of the wonky finished piece. I can wear it though, so I'm very proud of it! I can mark it off of my dream costume list, and maybe next time I attempt a costume I'll actually purchase a pattern. I'm hoping to wear this one to Gallifrey One in February because it turned out better than I thought it would. The styrofoam balls really pulled it together! It is very difficult to drive wearing this, though. Heh.

What's your costume this year?



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