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Friday, November 9, 2012

Get Your Disney Digital Fix with Wreck-It Ralph

It's safe to say that the population at large is excited about Wreck-It Ralph, the newest animated feature from Disney. Most people won't need long reviews and critical opinions to decide whether or not they want to flock to the movies to see it. This won't be a long and critical review, I just want a chance to talk about what a gem of a film it ended up being!

Wreck-It Ralph has a great message of reaching for the stars, trying new things, and also of finding satisfaction with the lives that we have. It almost seems contradictory, but in the case of Ralph he comes to love his life after some soul searching and star reaching.

Along the way he meets an amazing cast of characters, many of which pay fan service to an older generation of gamers. The careful and diligent viewer will notice hundreds of tiny, wonderful things strewn throughout the movie. Personally I wish I had had multiple sets of eyes just so I could take in everything. That's a first for me.

'Game Central Station' is impressive and overflowing with well-loved characters. Source.

Once the exciting gaming settings of the first half an hour passed and we really settled into the story, I was amazed by the number of twists and surprises. The story was eloquently wound and complex, also extremely funny. I did find myself thinking it was a bit sophisticated for children, and even a little inappropriate at times. Perhaps though, as an adult, I simply caught all of the jokes and little kids won't. Either way certain scenes felt a little more PG but not quite PG-13. It's a fine line, but they were at least always clever!

It's no surprise, but is still worth mentioning, that the whole movie is visually stunning. Every game world is so full, colorful and fun. Again I found myself needing more sets of eyes! It's astounding to think of the development process for the game Sugar Rush; they made it an absolute delight to look at.

A stunning, inventive, and bright landscape of candy! Source.

Wreck-It Ralph is a great film, and makes a fun theatre visit for families and grown-ups alike. Be sure to catch it while it's still showing! Since it's a Disney film you'll have at least a month.

Has anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts?



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