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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Geek Crafts Day: Mario Quilt!

This Christmas I'm taking the homemade route for as many gifts as possible, and for my five year old nephew I went with a blanket.

A Mario blanket!

Da-da-da-da-- wait, wrong game.

The little guy loves Spider-man and Mario just like his aunt (that'd be me!), so it was a real treat to put this quilt together for him. It's difficult to beat handmade gifts that are also functional, and who wouldn't want a warm blanket emblazoned with a pipe-jumping Italian?

I definitely want one.

I assembled it entirely from old t-shirts that I had saved up for various sewing projects. I wish I had had a darker color for his skin, but the clothes give away the basic idea of his 8-bit image. I've been meaning to make a Mario quilt for myself and I think this'll be the push that I need. If I didn't love my nephew so much I'd probably keep this for myself. Except it's tiny, so it really wouldn't do me any good.

Let's look at some brilliant geeky quilts from across the web and churn up some excitement and inspiration!

I just love the detail and spread of fabrics used in Mario, and the quilt on the right has such
 a fantastic array of characters. It's so vibrant and beautiful!

The non-patchwork aesthetic of the Goron quilt is gorgeous, and the Zelda quilt
has the teeniest, tiniest squares I've ever seen. My mind is blown.

The swirly stitching on the Black Mage works so well with the magic aspect! And a Tetris
quilt is an obvious (and wonderful) choice that also takes a lot of planning. But
the red piece is in the wrong spot, whyyyyyyyyyyy?!

Lastly, two total works of art: a stunning Pokemon quilt, and a video game 
conglomeration that hits the classics as well as the underdog hits. 

They're all amazing in their own way, and so straight and square! I'm a bit haphazard with my sewing, so my squares are always a bit crooked. Someday I'll make the quilt of my dreams and I'll be meticulous with it. Hopefully it'll look a lot like this:

Kuribo's Shoe has a very special place in my heart. Source

Who else out there does quilting? Have you done any geeky quilts before? If so then please post some photos!



Mind. Blown. This on top of papercraft? Wow. You're so crafty! =D

Seeing this made me smile so much. Not just for the fact that it's Mario or that it's a hand-made quilt - but because it reminds me of my grandma, a fantastic quilter who's made me a few throughout my lifetime. Two years ago, for the first time in a while, my grandma asked my aunt to ask me for a general color or pattern to base a new quilt off of. I said "black and white" but also mentioned something related to video games, but retro-like like the image of a Space Invader I provided.

In Christmas 2010, my grandma made this:

I was overwhelmed with happiness. =)

Wow! That quilt is gorgeous! I'd love to be able to do more complex patterns someday :D

You know I didddddddddddddd
A quilt made out of (mostly) geeky-goodwill-t shirt finds.

Rachel is that the one that you made?! It's wonderful! I especially love the lower right hand square. Froggie Mario is one of my favorites!

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