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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Paper Mario Diorama Contest Submission!

On October 29th Nintendo announced a Paper Mario diorama contest as a way for fans to win a copy of the upcoming Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as well as a 3DS XL, an eShop gift card, and a trophy! It took me four days and one photo session, but my diorama is finished and submitted to Nintendo!

The contest ends tonight at midnight, and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the winners to be announced. I really feel like I have a chance! I've looked around online a bit but only found two other people posting their progress photos.

I'm curious to see if Nintendo ends up picking ones that are obviously from children, or if they'll remember that big "all ages" thing they constantly talk about and pick some winners from older fans as well. It would be an incomprehensible honor to win an art contest from Nintendo. I'm really enjoying where this paper sculpting hobby is going, and I had a lot of fun putting together my diorama.

Please enjoy the photos! The first six are my official submission images, and the rest are fun detail shots that I can cherish forever and share with other people. I heavily referenced this screenshot from the game, but adding Bowser and Peach was my own special thought.

 An angled shot to show off the depth.

 Clear squares to hold the stickers and an opportunity to show of my Super Mario World
bandaged hill homage. The warp pipe and star piece were the last things I added.


The three criteria for the judges are spirit (showing love for Paper Mario and/or the Nintendo company in general), creativity, and quality. I'm hoping that my bandage on the hill plus the little radishes from Super Mario Bros. 2 demonstrate even a tiny bit of my Nintendo love!

I'm thinking of making another diorama just for funsies. Maybe a Chrono Trigger one! What does everyone think?



Thanks Shaun! I'm so anxious to hear if I win, and I'm also very curious to see the submissions from other people!

You are INDEED incredible, beautiful and of course TALENTED!!!

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