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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doctor Who minimalist wallpapers!

Now that the cat's out of the bag with the Doctor Who lip balms, I can share these wallpapers with you! After creating the labels for the line over at Earthtastic! I realized that the screwdriver designs might make for some fun computer backgrounds. I'm quite a fan of this collection from Karma Orange. The minimalist approach is very nice, and I love the textures. I see similar kinds on some of the fancier Penny Arcade comics and I am always impressed.

So, allow me to present my Ten and Eleven Sonic Screwdriver minimalist wallpapers!







Please feel free to use and share, I only ask that you leave my little watermark and link back if possible!

Is it obvious that they're screwdrivers "unrolled"? That was my intention. I'm currently rocking Ten's on my computer monitor and it's making me smile. Does anyone think they'll use them? :)

Also be sure to check out my post from Monday about the lip balms and enter the giveaway!


*texture from here


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