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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beautiful Shadow of the Colossus Illustration Collection

Shadow of the Colossus will always hold a very special place in my heart and gaming collection. I was excited for its arrival after playing ICO, and I continue to hold out hope for The Last Guardian even though recent news indicates that things aren't going so well for the development team.

When Shadow of the Colossus came out I purchased the strategy guide too, but mostly for the art contained within. Anyone who has played it can attest to its visual majesty even on a PS2, and as wonderful as the creatures were in-game, it was an even better treat to look at detailed pictures of them in the book. Of course, the tips for bringing down each Colossi did come in handy later.

I really love official art and fanart for it, so I was super pleased when I came across this collection of pieces from James Gilleard.

Just two samples of a much larger and gorgeous series! Source.

Gilleard's website is chock full of beautiful illustrations, so I encourage you to check out more than just his Shadow of the Colossus work!

When I look at such serene and lovely images from this game it's almost easy to forget that it nearly caused me a mental breakdown as I tried and (repeatedly) failed to bring down the final Colossus. It's a tragic and comical tale that involves me having a full out tantrum. Maybe I'll share it someday. Not today though, let's keep things upbeat; you don't want to hear about me crying! Or maybe you do. It's hard to tell.



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