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Friday, June 1, 2012

Will E3 put our collective Wii U doubts to rest?

So E3 is happening next week, and the internet world could not be more excited. Don't believe me? Try to find some gaming news that isn't related to E3. I've found that it's not possible. As per usual, my eyes are trained on the Nintendo press event that's happening on Tuesday at 9am.

They even sent me this great reminder e-mail. What a nice company!

I hear that there will be a new Mario game coinciding with the Wii U's launch; maybe we'll see a little of that? Also, it really wouldn't be a Nintendo E3 presentation without some sort of Zelda announcement. I'd love to know if all of the Zelda tech demos used for Wii U images will be transferred to an actual game. The spider looks pretty cool!

More than information about the Wii U, I want some release dates for my most anticipated 3DS games! That's right, I'm talkin' about Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Professor Layton, and Luigi's Mansion. When OH WHEN will I have a beautiful and portable Paper Mario?

The palms of my hands will never be happier. Source.

Alright, I'm back to thinking about the Wii U already. My unbridled fandom for Nintendo has me hyped and excited and simultaneously extremely wary. This has happened with each launch since the original DS. One would think that by now I'd relax and learn to trust the masterminds, but doubt nudges in no matter what.

Wii U skepticism has run rampant since its initial announcement. And why is that? From a young age we're incredibly gullible, believing every fantastical thing we hear. The more outlandish and exciting, the better. Eventually, we grow wise to the stories and we realize that they are mostly untrue. This translates well to technological innovations: the Wii U has many amazing, wild features, some seem too good to be true, and more than that, too unusual to be possible. The knee-jerk reaction is, "Wow, that'd be so cool!" and then we quickly go, "...wait, how would that work? I need more information, I don't want to be let down."

They insist that it's true. Maybe they should send out demo systems to households! Source.

I'm ready for Nintendo to provide the information necessary so that the gaming community at large can stop spewing doubt and uncertainty. And confusion. Dammit Nintendo, stop keeping your newest system shrouded in mystery!

Are there any announcements that you're excited for?


P.S. - Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement, please!


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