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Friday, June 15, 2012

Have you joined Club Nintendo yet?

club nintendo prizes
Maybe someday I'll own them all.
Frequently, Japan gets a lot of amazing things that are never sent over to the Americas. Club Nintendo was one of those things until 2007; once announced, gamers around the nation rejoiced at the thought of untold treasures.

Over the past five years I have redeemed many prizes with great joy and affection. My most recent acquisition is a stunningly handsome grey t-shirt adorned with nine 8bit renditions of Mario characters. It cost a whopping 550 coins but, for a free and semi-exclusive t-shirt, I believe it was worth the price!
club nintendo mario t-shirt 550 coins
I counted down the days until my shirt arrived.
Nintendo provides a couple of opportunities to earn coins: first, submitting the serial number included in Nintendo published titles. Second, filling out post-play surveys so that the company can get first-hand feedback. Third, additional coins can be earned if you declare your intentions to buy certain games before they are released.
club nintendo folder reward
If I were still in school, I would have these folder so. hard.
It was these fantastic post-play surveys that pushed me over the edge into 550 coin t-shirt territory! It also, drumroll please...........! Pushed me into Platinum status! This means that sometime in November I'll be getting a super exclusive prize for being a highly dedicated Nintendo fan that is willing to spend (probably) too much money on their games and systems. Worth it!

I have a fair sized collection of other Club Nintendo items, and each of them are high quality and exciting. Nintendo ships extremely quickly, and nothing can quite compare to the joy of seeing a package addressed to *me* from Nintendo of America.

club nintendo hanafuda cardsclub nintendo blooper fan
Hanafuda cards and this Blooper fan are my favorite rewards so far.

Club Nintendo rotates their prizes every so often and each item is more exciting than the last! When the Blooper fan appeared on the site it immediately 'sold' out and I was devastated. Truth be told, I didn't even have enough coins to purchase it. But as soon as I did, it was mine. I keep it on display on my bookshelf! And if I ever travel to the south for a wedding, I will take it with me to keep me cool.

Does anyone have a Club Nintendo account? If so, which prizes have you redeemed so far and which is your favorite? I really want to know!


*all images from the Club Nintendo website


I'm on Club Nintendo UK which seems to not have that much great stuff on. I've got a few things though like a notepad and the Soundtrack CD of Super Mario Galaxy. I've got quite a few points at the moment but I'm waiting for something I want to appear.

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