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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

8-bit makeup with Brittany Lauren!

A few weeks ago on Twitter I shared a photographic sneak peek of an exciting adventure with a makeup artist named Brittany Lauren. She had an interesting and unique video game/8-bit look in mind and wanted to team up with A Bit of Geek to bring her mind's eye image to life!

I'm excited to finally be able to share the full look with you all, including in-progress photos that Brittany compiled into a video. I also tossed a few questions her way so that you can learn more about her process, as well as some insight into potential future geek makeup posts!

Be sure to check out her post over on tumblr for additional information!


Q: Did you have the finalized look in mind when you started?

A: I didn't. I just had a concept in mind, but not a finished look. Just bits and pieces.

Before! Face primed and ready to be painted to life!
Were there any particularly challenging aspects?

Covering your brows were probably the most challenging part of the makeup, but mostly it was just time consuming.

What would you do differently if you were to recreate the look?

I think that I would design some lashes and do the lips a little more over drawn. Just take to take it up a notch.

8 bit makeup
After! Bright-eyed and 8-bit-ified!
Are there any other video game related looks that you are hoping to do?

Hummm....that is a good question. I am looking forward to creating a Link look, but right now I don't have anything in mind. Any game related makeup that I do next will probably be color-scheme inspired, not recreating any characters (besides Link).

How much prior experience did you have with this kind of makeup?

This is my first game inspired makeup, but for one of my jobs I created some Super Hero looks and those are always fun for me to do.

8 bit makeup zelda nes
Brittany has a slammin' collection of NES titles. I had to show them off.
In your post you mentioned that Mario is one of your favorite NES games, but is it your *most* favorite?

Duck Hunt! But our current TV isn't I haven't played in long time.


Big thanks once again to Brittany Lauren! We have more projects in the works and I can't wait to share them here. Check out her complete portfolio, too!

Rounding things off with a closer look at the blush work and my  attempt at a
nonchalant shrug after falling to my death far too many times.
What do you think? Are there any makeup enthusiasts out there? What would you have done for an 8-bit makeup challenge?



I'm sorry but that doesn't look good. She could have done it way better (just by define it more, make it less "messy")..

The idea itself is really nice, though :)

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