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Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden inspiration - The Gaming World

I came home from my job yesterday and was feeling a little glum. Before hunkering down in bed while watching 'The Office' I decided to check on my garden. I thought a little daylight and plant love would have cheered me up. Turns out, I was right!

tomato plant
I noticed my first tomato growing! Such a joyful moment. I immediately felt cheered up and moved around the garden. What else did I find? A plump strawberry and the starts of two spinach seeds!

spinach sprouts
I'll be like Popeye.
Lastly, I've taken to watering the plants along my deck and surprise! it's lined with red/orange lillies!

cathedral window lily
This bouquet would be so expensive in the store.
All of this got me thinking about spectacular gardeners and the kinds of coordinated gardens and yards that they could compile. Then I wondered what I would do if I possessed those kinds of skills. Can you guess?


I would attempt a video game choreographed garden! My mind immediately set to the logistics, and I found myself completely stumped. Initially trying to plant flowers into gaming shapes, like the giant Mickey Mouse at the entrance to Disneyland, came into my mind, but that would probably be extremely difficult.

Past that thought process I was at a loss. Had anyone attempted a gaming themed garden before? Recreating scenes from games, or making images? A quick (actually not so quick) internet search returned spotty results at best. It would appear that not many people have delved into a video gaming garden!

Except for these few! (so much suspense)

This fellow in the UK created a potted plant garden inspired by a level from Tomb Raider.

While these aren't necessarily plants, this artist makes gaming themed bird houses. So cool! And speaking of lawn decorations, any Plants vs. Zombies fans will appreciate these figurines!

The most comprehensive and impressive result is this post over at Side Questing dot com. The author Dalibor Dimovski compiled a list of video game plants and related them to real-life plants that can be grown and put into a garden.

He, of course, includes mushrooms from Mario, but also smartly added walnuts in leu of Deku Nuts from Legend of Zelda, and herbs from Resident Evil.

The write-up got my brain turning, and here are a few plants that I'd like to add to his list!

Blue Jackets are beautiful, but most likely they don't have some sort of magical property. Maybe you can mash them up with a mortar and pestle and find out if they make you more susceptible to poison? 

While Legends of Mana wasn't the most popular Mana title, it really did have a fun garden system! I'm not aware of any spiky vegetables. Maybe some sort of fruit, but this one most obviously lent itself to the delicious and nutritious carrot!

Roses aren't the easiest flowers to care for, but they're extremely rewarding. If you do try to grow them, watch for those thorns and be sure to keep the aphids in check! They'll chomp your digital beauties down to nubs.

The first time I encountered a Brugmansia I excitedly exclaimed that they looked like Pokemon. I now have one of these plants in my back yard! They're pretty, but they smell weird. Also, they're covering my tomato plants in dead bits. If they didn't look so much like Weepinbells, I'd be pissed.

What do you think about the gaming garden idea? Do you have any favorite gaming plants? Do you have any suggestions you'd like to add? Do you keep a garden?



Great idea! I have no ideas unfortunately but I hope you can come up with something awesome. The Tomb Raider garden is pretty cool.

I have the Weepinbell things, but nothing else. I wouldn't mind carrots though!

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