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Monday, June 25, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom film review (hint: it's positive)

moonrise kingdom movie poster
Moonrise Kingdom movie poster. Source.
Last weekend I watched Moonrise Kingdom, a quirky film from Wes Anderson that follows the story of two twelve year olds who fall in love and decide to run away together. The film is set in 1965, on a cluster of islands off of the New England coast. The cast of characters is stellar with the inclusion of Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, and Edward Norton, as well as newcomers to the scene Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, who play the love stricken pre-teens, Sam and Suzy.

The film has a muted color aesthetic, and a light, whimsical feel. This is coupled nicely with off-beat and wonderful performances across the board. Gilman and Hayward portray strangely mature and straight-faced youths with almost unsettling ease.  The nature of the two children reflects the universe that Anderson created: the children are kings, and the adults seem to have no control over their own lives or the lives of their children.

moonrise kingdom bill murray
Our unusual adults. Source.
Moonrise Kingdom maintains a believable facade for most of its hour and a half run, but a few plot points near the middle and end disrupts the film’s continuity and reality. I wish I could say that they didn’t remove me from the storytelling experience, but they did. This is the only negative thing I have to say about the film, though!

It’s wonderful to see such a unique (and uniquely told) story. Anderson has a gift for films that wander the road less traveled, and I wish I could thank him for that. Upon leaving the theatre I felt a calm contentment that is rarely found after a trip to the movies. I immediately wanted to watch Moonrise Kingdom all over again just to be a part of that world, and of the love story of Suzy and Sam.

Who can resist a man with a raccoon hat? Source.
I give Moonrise Kingdom nine out of ten golden apples. The story and cast were quite complimentary, and aside from the one continuity hang-up I experienced near the middle, it had no pacing or plot issues. If it’s in a theatre near you, then definitely go and see it!



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