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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saria makeup and costume with Brittany Lauren

Hello A Bit of Geekers, it's time for another Look post with Brittany Lauren of Monsters & Mayhem! This week brings you the makeup, costume, and wig of Saria from Ocarina of Time. I assembled this costume for myself a few years ago for Halloween and it dovetailed nicely as a makeup look for the website.

ocarina of time saria cosplay
Saria cosplay. Dat Kokiri.
Brittany did an amazing job of creating smooth, glowing makeup to complete the faerie-ish aesthetic of the Kokiri children. By far the most exciting aspect of the afternoon was having elf ears put onto my regular, boring, human ears. I have always wanted elf ears, so it was a literal dream come true! Brittany is very skilled with tone blending and colors, so the elf ears looked incredibly realistic. One more best part? She let me keep the ears! Now I can elf it up whenever I want.

Here's an in-progress video from Brittany, followed by more photos!

The elf ear in its before and after phase! So realistic! Photos from Monsters & Mayhem.

 Left/Before: not my best photo, but it's the pure nekked face awaiting makeup, so you'd
better enjoy it! Photo from Monsters & Mayhem. Right/After: glowing skin and elf ears 
anxious for the green wig!

 And now, it's frolicking time.
Where would you expect to find a Kokiri child? The forest, of course.
Be sure to check out Monsters & Mayhem for additional photos as well as more detailed information about the makeup and techniques used for the Saria look.



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