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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Items Roundup

With summer in full swing, it's time to take stock of my wardrobe and outdoor accessories. Do I have what it takes to stay cool, and still be cool? (ahaha... ahem) The answer is no, so I figured I'd take a look around online and find some amazing summertime items that I'd desperately love to own.


1. Parasol

kaylee parasol firefly on etsy

I'm generally not a heat person. I wither and whine and basically become a sweaty nuisance. I'm thinking I am in desperate need of this Kaylee inspired parasol, made by KarenMcBrowncoat on Etsy. She offers up a variety of hand painted paper parasols spanning many fandoms! There's a rather gorgeous Totoro one that I'm currently eyeing, too.

2. Sunglasses

mario painted sunglasses etsy

If this isn't enough to make me want lasik then I just don't know what is! I am seriously freaking out over these hand painted Super Mario Bros. sunglasses from KRaeShades on Etsy! She has a fun variety to choose from, including Spider-man and Nyan Cat, and she even does custom work! I need to fan myself, I'm feeling faint.

3. Bathing suit

Now that I've picked out some sunglasses and an umbrella, I guess I need a bathing suit. I would absolutely wear this awesome TARDIS one from Fit2btiedclothing on Etsy. This place has TONS of prints, as well as a variety of styles. They're all fit to your size (requiring bra and pants size upon order), which is awesome. They're reasonably priced as well (this one is only $60!).

4. Beach towel

tardis beach towel think geek

My Roundup list accidentally turned into beach wear, so I'm just going to go with it. So far my items are all pretty mismatched as well, which got me thinking that I should add some cohesion in the form of an amazing TARDIS beach towel! Only $19.99 from ThinkGeek! If I had this I might actually lay down on the beach for a full five minutes without complaining about the heat. Just kidding, I would sit in the car with the AC on or go under a shadypier.

5. Flowy items

her universe star wars dressher universe star trek shirt

Alright, so what if I'm not going to the beach? Maybe I want to go out to eat or for a walk and I want something just breezy and comfortable to wear. Fortunately, Her Universe has been pumping out tons of new products lately! If I were a bigger fan of StarWars, then the R2-D2 dress would be great. The Star Trekshirt is very cute though, so that would be my preference for sure! So feminine and comfortable looking, mmhmmm.

6. Water bottle

doctor who water bottle think geek

What's more important than hydration during the hot summer months? Nothing, obviously! I am rarely seen without my own stainless steel water bottle. It has been a faithful companion for years, even traveling with me across the pond, but stillI wouldn't say no to this sleek blue Doctor Who TARDIS water bottle from ThinkGeek.

7. Slip on shoes

custom nes shoes etsy

I always wear Cons. Size 7 ladies Converse, mm mm mmm, my total shoe of choice. However, this is generally considered a bad idea when it's hot outside. But I hate sandals! What's a girl to do? Buy some hand painted NES slip ons, obviously. Made by ScreeneShoes on Etsy, andavailable in pretty much any size, with your preference of background color. I don't own any pink shoes, soI would definitely take these. They'd make those summer days much more comfortable.

8. Skin/lip care

doctor who lip balm etsy

Lastly, skin care is of theutmost importance in the summer time! It's good to be aware all year long, but in the summer especially! Since I'm not aware of any geek branded sun block (someone please tell me if it exists and what it would even look like), I'll go to the next best thing: lip balms! DOCTOR WHO lip balms, from Earthtastic on Etsy*! Only $20 for this five balm set, which comes in a nice little gift box, even! Make sure your lips stay healthy, and not all cracked and uncomfortable, while galavanting around doing whatever it is people like to do in the sun. I'm usually out there for a few minutes before complaining and finding shade.

Do you have a favorite piece of geeky attire for the hot days? Let me know!


*All images taken from their respective linked site. Doctor Who lip balms are made as a collaborative effort between A Bit of Geek and Earthtastic.
**header image source


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