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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Video Game Character Spotlight: Samus Aran

Ninjas are awesome. This is a fundamental truth about the universe and long after the human race is gone, other civilizations will arise to practice their own form of ninjutsu and B-rated Kung Fu movies. Being a ninja requires skill, strength, and an inborn desire to walk up walls to make gravity your bitch. But more than this, a ninja needs a purpose, something to drive the ninja to become the very best badass they can possibly be. And what better purpose could there be than to rise from hell itself to avenge the murder of your entire family? This is what drives one of the most hardcore ninjas of video gaming, the chain-slinging, “GET OVER HERE!” shouting ninja named Scorpion, of the Mortal Kombat series. Known throughout the gaming community as one of the most recognized characters of the series, Scorpion is the hellspawn ninja that has fought his way since the early days of video gaming. Even as time has passed and controversies arose and fell, Scorpion has stood cool against the test of time.

“Obviously someone known for staying cool," Source.

But as to the history or background of Scorpion, little is known of the specter as his life is shrouded in mystery as it is with all great ninjas. What few fragments of his pre-ass-kicking life that we known is one filled with pain, anger and vengeance. Born as Hanzo Hasashi, he was originally from the ninja clan known as Shirai Ryu. But the Shirai Ryu were a rebel clan who defected from their rival ninja clan, Lin Kuei, after a disagreement of what we imagine was over who's turn it was to wash the blood off the dojo walls. But leaving the Lin Kuei was punishable by death, so they sent their best assassin to kill the Shirai Ryu clan: the stone-cold killer himself, Sub-Zero.

“We feel the urge to make a Mr. Freeze pun, but that wouldn't be very ice," Source.

As Sub-Zero laid waste to the Shirai Ryu clan, the would-be-ninja Hanzo tried to stop the assassination and end the icy reign of terror. But in the battle, he too fell at the hands of his cold opponent, casting his dead soul into the depths of the Netherrealm. In its fiery pits, his searing heart found the untameable desire for vengeance, transforming him into the wraith ninja we now know as Scorpion. He was given new abilities from the hellfire itself and used these skills to resurrect himself back onto Earth. From there, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament in the hopes that he would be able to kill his longtime rival, Sub-Zero.

“Or become his best friend. We're sketchy on the details," Source.

During the events of the original Mortal Kombat, Scorpion finally manages to meet up with his hated enemy, effectively shoving his hand spear right through the heart of his frozen rival. When his goal is completed and his vengeance over, Scorpion then moves on to find new pursuits to employ his vast skills of murdering people in the face. He continues to enter the Mortal Kombat tournaments, finding new enemies to face and people that need to be avenged. Not willing to be intimidated by anyone, Scorpion has fought the best and most fearsome opponents, proving himself a lethal fighter against all.

“Lest we forget the time he tried to punch Batman in the dick," Source.

Over all these challenges, Scorpion has time and time again shown us what it truly means to be a ninja. For not only is he the badass who comes out on top against hundreds of enemies, but he is also purpose driven, never giving up his goal. He fills his being with the determination and will of the ninja, improving upon himself and his skills. What lies in the future for this hellspawn brawler is uncertain. Perhaps he'll put a fatality on the whole universe that dares to challenge him. Or maybe he will find redemption with his soul, make peace with his enemies and get his very own sitcom.



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