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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 (Geeky) Things on my Wish List

I don't know about you, but when I'm stressed, tired, and in need of some excitement, sometimes the only thing that comforts me is some good, old-fashioned shopping therapy. Of course, I don't always get to buy everything I want (okay, I never get to buy everything I want, because I could bankrupt Bill Gates in an hour) but the act of picking things out and thinking about owning them is usually enough for me. This is why the "wish list" function on any given website is my go-to on a rainy day. I have a wish list on almost every website I've signed up for. It's so much fun for me to just sit on my laptop, browse through all the new arrivals, and click that delightful little "add to wish list" button so conveniently located on the product's information page.

I also like to think I'm a very good shopper, with a keen eye for great deals on unique, quality products. I'd love to share some of my great (and geeky!) finds with my fellow ABOGS; maybe you'll find something in this list that is an absolute must-have for your collection!

Everything you love about classic Yahtzee, plus time traveling in the Tardis? Yes, please! Featuring the Doctor's worst enemies as the dice and the Tardis as the dice cup, you're sure to have a Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey game night with your friends and family!

I found this in the "Geek Kids" section, but I want it for my adult self! Having to touch my iPhone while I'm in the bath or shower is not relaxing; I am constantly paranoid I'm going to cause water damage. This convenient little ducky will solve all those first-world woes! Just hook your iPhone up to the egg, and set it somewhere safe and dry. Then just toss ducky into the tub and let him swim around while blasting your favorite band!

Every once in a while, we all need a reminder not to be a dick. That's when you'll be glad you have your Wil Wheaton plushie handy. This cute little guy will go with you anywhere, and happily remind you to embrace your inner geek, do nice things for people just because, and always be awesome.

Listen, if you're a fan of Mass Effect, and you DON'T want to buy this Omni Blade, go get your head checked. This is one of the most amazing cosplay pieces I've ever laid eyes on. These beauties are made of plexiglass and attach to the user's arm with velcro. They appear to glow under normal lights and have a definite glow under black light (watch a video of the product's details here). This is a must have for anyone's Shepard cosplay.

Partners in Crime is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, and the adorable little Adipose children are partially responsible. They are the cutest darn things to ever come from love handles and they look even cuter on this zipper pouch. Use this pouch to collect one dollar for every pound that you lose on your diet, and then buy yourself something nice to wear when you've hit your goal weight! But please, do it without the assistance of alien technology.

I love me some old-fashioned comic book pop art, so when I found this Etsy shop I was in heaven. This POW! barette is sure to grab some attention at the next convention you attend, and looks as though it will match almost any outfit! Be sure to visit JanineBasil's shop to check out her other geek-inspired accessories.

4. Art of the Mass Effect Universe Hardcover book (Bioware, $40.00)

The world of Mass Effect is visually spectacular. From planet terrain to character details to spaceships, this trilogy will have you holding your breath through gorgeous cinematics, honing your sniper skills during firefights, and crushing on hot aliens for hours on end. Take a deeper look into all that Mass Effect has to offer by picking up this Art of the Mass Effect Universe Hardcover (it's the perfect addition to your coffee table).

Now, when it comes to RedBubble, my wishlist is never-ending. It was very difficult for me to choose one thing to include in this list, so I just picked one of my absolute favorites. This design features our favorite dragon-slayer as an 8-bit sprite, available to purchase on t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers. Now open an account on RedBubble and see if you ever get up from your computer again.

You can't take the sky from us, especially when we've got our Independents Flag flying high! Be a Browncoat year-round or raise it at half-mast on the anniversary of the Battle for Serenity Valley to show the Alliance that we aim to misbehave.

A must-have for every geek collection! Read along as Scott Pilgrim battles seven of Ramona Flowers' evil ex-boyfriends in order to win her heart, despite the interruptions of his slew of ex-girlfriends. Bryan Lee O'Malley's awesome illustration and hilarious pop-culture references make this a really fun read, even for those who don't normally take part in the world of graphic novels. (Bonus: This box set comes with a poster!)



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