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Friday, July 5, 2013

Nintendo Photo A Day Collection

Last month Nintendo hosted a fun internet event titled "Nintendo Photo A Day" where, for the month of June, they encouraged users to post one photo a day that a) related to Nintendo and b) was from a specific list. Being an avid Nintendo and photography fan myself, I ecstatically obliged. For ease of use and enjoyment I thought it would be a good idea to compile them all here for you, dear readers!

So, without further delay, please enjoy my 30 day Nintendo photo project!

nintendo mario blooper tattoonintendo mario plushie and harry potter posternes mario bros duck hunt cartridge
Day 1 - Favorite Character Day 2 - Another Castle Day 3 - First Nintendo Game

nintendo DS game collectionsuper mario world green hill with bandaidbowser paper mario paper diorama
Day 4 - Your Game Collection Day 5 - Green Day 6 - Character You're Like

paper mario and question blocklegend of zelda ocarina of time Saria cosplaygamestop animal crossing new leaf 3DS
Day 7 - Coins Day 8 - Cosplay Day 9 - Animal Crossing

legend of zelda life heartssuper mario 3d world wii unintendo E3 2013 titles
Day 10 - Heart Day 11 - Favorite E3 News Day 12 - Best Wii U Game

nintendo 3DS games animal crossing and harvest moonnintendo and super nintendo systemsnintendo invincible star
Day 13 - Best Nintendo 3DS Game Day 14 - Favorite Console Day 15 - Powerup

super nintendo system with super mario all starsred nintendo 3ds XLnintendo pink yoshi
Day 16 - Something Old Day 17 - Something New Day 18 - Something Cute

legend of zelda Link action figurepaper mario dioramatriforce tattoo
Day 19 - Link Day 20 - Mario Day 21 - Black and White

nintendo wii gameslegend of zelda 64 in boxplaying a nintendo 3ds
Day 22 - Happiness Day 23 - Can't Live Without Day 24 - Your Game Face

nintendo 3DS system collectionNES zappersprincess peach paper art
Day 25 - Change Day 26 - Epic Day 27 - Princess

legend of zelda 64 game cartheart and triforce cookiesmario and luigi lose screen for arcade battle game
Day 28 - Everyone Should Play... Day 29 - Food Day 30 - Game Over

And there you have it! Did you participate? If so then let me know your instagram name so I can look at yours! Do you particularly enjoy any of mine? :D



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