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Friday, August 2, 2013

Starz ‘Outlander’ Series in 2014

At the end of June, Starz announced they would be doing a 16 episode TV series adaptation of Outlander, an internationally popularbook series written by Diana Gabaldon. As an avid fan of this epic, seven-book-going-on-eight-book-as-soon-as-the-next-one-releases, time traveling, science fiction, historical fiction, romance adventure series (what a mouthful!), I immediately freaked out. In a good way.Whenever I meet a self-proclaimed book lover or reader I tend to immediately suggest that they read the Outlander books.

The Outlander series, books one through seven, including the Companion book, the Lord John series, and other spin off titles. Source

Most might be all trepidation in the face of a TV adaptation of a beloved book series, but in light of the brilliance and success of theHBO/George R. R. Martin masterpiecethat isGame of Thrones, and the fact that Ron Moore (of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: TNG fame) is at the helm, I am feeling more than optimistic and excited. So much so that I created a tumblr dedicated to all things Outlander! Feel free to follow it if you want to stay in the loop on as much information as I can find about the show, in addition to quotes, fanart, and other Outlander-type tidbits!

Many times over the years Gabaldon has spoken publicly regarding movie versions of her series. She generally says that if the stars aligned and the right producers, offers, and actors came together then that would be great. However fans never seemed to be in favor of a movie release. I know that at the first mention of an Outlander film I thought to myself, "Surely they jest, this would need to be a TV show!"

Well, the time has come! Filming is set to begin in Scotland this coming fall, with an anticipated airing date of Spring 2014. The part of Jamie Fraser, one of the two main characters, has been filled by Sam Heughan(pronounced hew-en). He's a strapping young Scotsman with a background in theatre and a fantastic sense of humor. He can be found joyfully interacting with fans on Twitter and posting selfies on Instagram. The Outlander fanbase is currently frothing at the mouth wondering who will be cast as Claire, the protagonist of the story.

Heughan obligingly dyed his hair red for fans, seeing as Jamie is a firey ginger in the series. Source

It is Claire that we follow in this intense and epic tale.We find herin1940s Scotland while vacationing with her husband Frank. One day while picking medicinal plants, she falls through a cleft in a standing stone circle atop a hill and becomes mysteriously transported to1743 Scotland. This time travel is completewith all of the dangers and problems one might expect to find in the 18th Century. It is here that she meets Jamie. And then all hell breaks loose and it is amazing.

If you're looking for an involving, deep, thoughtful, and beautifully written new book series, then I suggest you pick up Outlander. Now is the perfect time to dive in! Book eight of the series, Written In My Own Heart's Blood, is due out next year, in addition to the launch of the TV show! I sincerely hope that the 16 episode run is a success; I can only assume that would mean they'd continue and make a season for each of the books! Then I might just fan-squeal myself to death.


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