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Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Gift: Batman and Spider-man Sculpt!

My nephew turned five yesterday, and the little guy is a big fan of Spider-man! Takes after his aunt, he does! Upon asking my sister what he'd like for his birthday, she told me something Batman and Spider-man related. I immediately set to making a small sculpt for him, something that hopefully won't look scary in any way when it's dark in the bedroom.

After some searching around online for reference photos I found this adorable drawing of Spider-man:

It encompassed the perfect amount of cuteness and non-scary-ness that was requested of me. I then found this!:

He's a little pointy, but I figured I'd be able to chibi-ize him to eliminate anything scary.

As one could expect, the webbing for Spider-man's outfit was a real challenge. I attempted to channel the clean, careful lines from Cameron's piece, but I fear I didn't do nearly as well. I just need more practice, that's all! Positive thinking!

I'm not as happy with the Batman. Maybe he doesn't have as much detail, so he doesn't seem as impressive? I'm pretty pleased with his bat logo though! I think it came out well. Also, I thought that some web swinging would add a bit of fun to the piece. Fun, and action! Wa-pow!!

And here we have the finished sculpt! It's framed flat, sadly, but it ended up working well. I was feeling pretty stumped over what to do for a background; I was fairly limited because I didn't use a shadow box frame. Ultimately I think the "wham" and "pow" shapes work well and add some pizazz to the piece!

What do you think? Non-scary and befitting an awesome five year old?



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