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Monday, December 30, 2013

Video Game Character Spotlight: Kratos

If you're going to be the god of anything, you've at least got to make it cool. You don't want to be the God of Mayonnaise, after all. You want a title that upon hearing, commands respect and awe from your followers. Something not unlike THE GOD OF WAR. Subtle intro checked off, Kratos, of The God of War series, is definitely a god you don't want to disrespect. He is the all-fury, all-rage, all-button-masher Spartan who would no sooner rip off your head with his bare hands than he would look at you. With his signature chain-blades, Kratos is vengeance incarnate as he slays his way through monsters, titans, gods and every other person you read about in high school mythology class. Seriously, his kill list runs longer than the wait for Half-Life 3.


“We haven't forgotten, Gabe...,” Source.

     But the tale of Kratos is one that truly is as epic (and lengthy) as any Greek saga. It is a story woven in revenge, hubris and even tragedy. In the beginning of God of War, we learn that Kratos was originally a commander of Sparta, who was more ruthless than any other mortal. But his luck soured when he faced an inevitable defeat and lost in battle. Rather than admit his failure, Kratos called on Ares, the then god of war, to aid him. Ares granted his wish and gave Kratos his Blades of Chaos, helping achieve victory. But Ares had a hand in betrayal as he soon tricked Kratos to kill his entire family. Horrified by his actions, Kratos vowed vengeance against Ares and all others who stood in his way, forever marking his path in life.


“His skin was also marked by whitening from the ashes of his dead family, but whatever,” Source.

Kratos's ensuing journey for revenge unfolds throughout the God of War series, over the course of six more installments. His story would have many revelations, betrayals and an endless, endless amount of killing (Like, I'm talking buckets here). But despite the numerous character challenges, Kratos has maintained a constant level of badassery over the years. He has held true to his cut throat Spartan nature, immovably driven and fearless against hordes of monsters. He's battered, bludgeoned, sliced, dismembered and slaughtered over and over, all for the relief of his unquenchable thirst for revenge.



The legend of Kratos has been such a popular one that Kratos has become a staple of the modern video game industry. The 2011 Guiness World Records Gamer's Edition named him the ninth most popular video game character of all time. This is a testament to Kratos's undeniable awesomeness and his dependability to bring an epic, awe-inspiring adventure. And while the fate of his character is still wrapped in mystery, we can be assured we have not seen the last of Kratos, the one true God of War.


“He always brings the pain, so long as the Quick-Time-Events are hit at the right time,” Source.


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