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Friday, December 27, 2013

It's a Mario Party!

If you follow the A Bit of Geek Facebook page, then you may remember me posting this at the beginning of October:

box of mario stuff

Well, the time has come! Here is a full showcase of my nephew’s Mario themed birthday party. My sister took great care to create the full Mario Party experience, complete with ceiling, wall, and food decorations. She even did Mario themed games for the kids, and to great success! I was extremely impressed with the range that she brought to her son’s special day, and it, no joke, made me a little jealous that it wasn’t my birthday!

mario birthday party    mario birthday party    mario birthday decorations

Many of her ideas came from Pinterest. I would never have thought of these ideas. The mural behind the food table was an inexpensive and easy way to make a bold statement and large decoration. She used a blue plastic tablecloth, green streamers, gold paper plates, and giant gold stars (all found at Party City for under a few bucks each), and we quickly cut out the clouds with regular printer paper right before the party started.

mario birthday party     mario birthday food    mario birthday food

It’s not easy to come up with decorative food that’s not a sugar or sweet, but she managed to find an awesome vegetable display, and even made themed sandwiches with the simple use of a cookie cutter and chocolate chips!

mario party yoshi egg    mario birthday party favors    mario birthday decorations

She made the pinata herself out of tissue paper and mod podge. She was also convinced that it was extremely fragile and would break with one hit. This was comedically wrong, and after all of the kids had a go at it around three times, her husband ended up cutting it open with his keys. I’d recommend fewer layers of tissue paper, if you’re going to try this yourself! I also want to comment on the brilliance of those question blocks. They must have been a pain to make, but the kids were so STOKED to be punching blocks just like Mario!

mario birthday favors    mario birthday party    mario birthday decorations

According to my sister, it was no easy feat to find Mario items for this party. She made these great piranha plant glasses, and filled them with candies, Mario stickers, and star stamps that were pretty close to looking like invincible stars. I provided additional decorations from my own collection, and her sister-in-law brought some really awesome decorations that she had made for her own daughter’s Mario themed party earlier this summer.

mario birthday party favors     mario birthday decoration mushrooms    mario birthday decoration stars

The afternoon was a raging success, and my nephew walked away with a lot of awesome gifts, one of them being a copy of Mario Party 9! Fun fact, when he was only two years old, my sister and I played a round of Mario Party 8 with him. He was actually controlling his own Wiimote, and he somehow managed to beat us. I legitimately don’t understand how this happened.

Have you ever thrown a Mario birthday party? What would you have done differently, and did we miss any awesome ideas? I may or may not be fishing for more ideas for my own birthday party next year ;)


*all images are property of Miranda/A Bit of Geek


Incredible! I'll be sharing this with my sister who also has a Mario obsessed little boy.

Hopefully it gives her some good ideas :D I was amazed at how easily she created the illusion of Mario, just from the specifically colored items from the party store! (yellow cups, red plates, brown napkins, etc.)

This is bloody brilliant!
The glasses are such a fantastic idea! Totally pinning this!!!

Glad you enjoyed it! I still can't believe what a fantastic party it was ^_^

I love these ideas! My son wanted a Mario birthday party last year but we had such a hard time finding stuff that we added Sonic into the theme too (also a very difficult theme to find things for). He's been talking about having another Mario party, so maybe I'll get to try some of these out :-)

My sister had a tough time too. She was able to do a lot with the "colorizing," and it was very helpful that I had a bunch of Mario plushies for ambience! I hope that your future Mario party is a success :D

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to look :D

LOVE this party! Too cute. Love the simplicity of it! Thank you for sharing! xo

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad that you liked it :D It has made me really want to throw a themed party for my next birthday! I'm thinking Harry Potter.

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