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Friday, December 13, 2013

Gotta Sculpt Them All - Pokemon in Paper Form

A few months ago I came across a paper artist on Tumblr named PlaidCushion, or Sarah, if you know her in person. She lives in New Zealand (I'm pretty sure!) and makes some damn awesome paper art.

plaid cushion pokemon picture

From Sarah's Twitter @PlaidCushion.

My first experience with her work was through her (what I assume to be) university project called Wintergreen. I was absolutely blown away at the idea of a comic told entirely in paper sculpt format. She has great angle and perspective, I think, and I'm very much enjoying the whimsy of the story. You should definitely check it out.

From there I have watched her do a lot of Pokemon projects, one of Neil Gaiman, and even Rei from Evangelion! Most recently she finished an incredible Adventure Time piece, which I excitedly shared on the A Bit of Geek Facebook page. I was absolutely blown away by the detail! How could a human cut such tiny pieces? I think I kept the pictures open on my computer for days, because I could not stop looking at them.

tiny castle next to an x-acto blade    paper sculpt map from adventure time

Both images are from Sarah's Adventure Time post on Tumblr.

Now, Sarah has moved onto a different type of challenge, by way of creating a Pokemon for every day of December! And they're each about the size of a standard x-acto blade. After the challenge though, she plans on doing every. single. Pokemon. And she hopes to have Gen 1 finished by the end of January! My mind reeled when I first saw the picture she posted of the Dratini she had made. It's a damn good thing she juxtaposes them with an image of her knife, because otherwise I don't think I would believe that they were really so tiny.

amphy tiny paper sculpt    dratini tiny paper sculpt

Both images from Sarah's Tumblr account.


 From Sarah's Twitter @PlaidCushion.

Personally speaking, I can't wait to see her make Oddish! He is my favorite, after all. And Lapras! Oh gosh, I honestly can't wait to see them all! I'm so in awe of her dedication and talent, and I truly hope that everyone will go and check out the rest of her work. She deserves it! Oh, she also does commissions, if you were hoping to get a little something unique for yourself or a friend!

Are you looking forward to any specific Pokemon being made into paper form?


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