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Friday, December 20, 2013

Boldly Going

Star Trek is something that I’ve always been curious about. It has been there, persistent in my periphery, seeming both appealing and dull at the same time. I’ve had friends who were big fans, and my Grandma always spoke highly of it. I recall watching Fox 13 as a kid, and as soon as the cartoons were finished for the night I would see the ad for Coming Up Next: Star Trek (I think it was Deep Space 9), and I would think, “That looks so boring,” and I would go do something else. I didn’t grow up with my Grandma in the house, and my mom has never been a big fan of TV. There simply wasn’t someone of influence around to say, “Hey, give it a try!”

wesley crusher at a com panel

I wasn't fortunate like Wesley here, with his sweaters and excitability. source.

There is now,  his name is Morgan, and man does he love Star Trek: The Next Generation. My own, true interest in Star Trek happened with the 2009 reboot movie. I quite liked both Chris Pine and Zachary Quintos, so I went to see it. And I was totally blown away! I absolutely loved it! Of course I knew that the Original Series was not comparable in terms of production value, but the characters on screen were the same, or at least similar, so I figured I’d enjoy watching TOS. It had been my plan since then to start from there and work my way up. That plan got derailed with Morgan though (he doesn't want to watch TOS).

He’s been watching TNG since he was a kid, and I just started my journey a few months ago (if that). We began on season one, episode one, and I am very much enjoying myself! I’m beginning to feel sad that I didn’t have someone around to encourage me to start watching the show sooner. And it’s sort of like  Doctor Who, how it’s awesome to start to understand and be a part of this enormous fandom, this movement in television and entertainment history.

Some of the campier storylines and dialogue are rough to watch, but still enjoyable in their own way. I really can't help shouting out at the TV when I think something is ridiculous, and more than once I’ve had to pause the show because I was laughing too hard at dialogue. I really wanted to start tweeting my thoughts while I watched, and I finally did beginning with season two. You can follow me on Twitter to catch all of my amazing episode recaps.

tng s02e21 recap tweet

The kind of quality entertainment you can expect from me.

So far my favorite character has to be Data! He’s so funny, and the actor has amazing facial control. In recent episodes I’ve come to really appreciate Captain Picard and his ability to stay calm when shit hits the fan. I guess that’s why he’s captain! And, I don’t know what’s wrong with the Internet world, because I really like Wesley! Based on Tumblr and Twitter, I expected him to be… incredibly annoying? But he’s just an excited teen, anxious to be a part of something as wonderful as the Enterprise bridge. Suck it, haters!

We are currently on season three, and I am so glad that Dr. Crusher is back! Dr. Pulaski was not my jam. I am also delighted to see Whoopi Goldberg is in the series, as that was certainly news to me. I’m just loving the diversity of issues the crew runs into, and how they end up handling everything. Although, I have to say that, hands down, my favorite aspect of the show is watching Riker smile at EVERYTHING. It’s even funnier than the fact that he clamors over the backs of chairs.

riker stunning beard

How could someone dislike that smile? source.

Lastly, I want to let everyone know that I officially have a new OTP, and it is Picard and Dr. Crusher. I can’t be the only one!

dr. crusher and captain picard

Oh, Doctor. Oh, Captain! Swoon. source.

Let me hear it Star Trek fans! Talk to me about this amazing show!


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Welcome aboard the Trekkie train! I grew up watching STTNG, had been to 5 conventions by the time I finished high school and am now working my way through TOS with my husband (lots of heckling and in-jokes involved). You are not wrong about that OTP, and there are definitely some relationship surprises approaching (I cannot spoil it, you will never guess) that I'm very curious to get your take on. I also had the world's biggest crush on Wesley as a kid. Wil Wheaton actually wrote a series of humourous episode guides for STTNG which are totally worth a read.

I didn't know he wrote episode guides! I'll have to take a look at them :D I've been having a blast coming up with a synopsis for each episode xD

Somehow I have managed to know nothing about the series! I look forward to being surprised by what will come. My boyfriend keeps talking about something that happens to Picard at the end of season 3 and I'm so anxious! He was surprised that I didn't know what it was, but yeah somehow I've never encountered Star Trek spoilers! Since starting the show I think I'd quite like to go to a convention. It'd be awesome to meet some of the cast. They all play such admirable roles ^_^

Welcome to the fandom! Like Mariko, I grew up with Trek, though I was young enough that I don't remember watching any new episodes of TNG (just DS9 and Voyager). Your post is one of the great things about the reboots (even if purists--which included me for Into Darkness--may bash them). They introduced Star Trek to a whole new group of people, who can now bond with us lifers over how awesome (if frequently campy) it is.

It's good to be part of a fandom that welcomes newcomers! I've seen many things about why the reboots are bad, or at least aren't in keeping with traditional Star Trek messages/morals, but they got me watching the show! :D I enjoy the new movies, to be sure, but I can now see why fans are disappointed. The show (from what I've seen) covers so much thought provoking material, so many right/wrong conundrums, with a lot of diversity. The movies, not so much :(

Actually, I think there's only one guide out so far, that covers the first half of season 1 of TNG. It's called Memories of the Future (Volume 1).

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