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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waiting for a Wii U.

Let's talk a little bit about why those of us who are Wii U-less should be OK with this situation. First, in light of news that over seven thousand units were stolen from a warehouse in Seattle, it will be difficult for a lot of people to even get their hands on one. Second, the game selection is very modest even though it does boast some games worth owning. Third, the wait time can allow people to get first-person information from friends/forums that won't contain paid enthusiasm. $300/$350 is a lot to drop down if the console in question doesn't have games we want to play, and even more money if we're not sure we even like the features.

Some Wii U features weren't available on day one. I need to know more.

My hands-on experience at PAX this summer told me that I absolutely want to own a Wii U. But the only game I'd even buy at the moment is New Super Mario Bros. U. My game collections are usually quite modest, but even I'd prefer a larger selection out of the gate. Even though Mario is an excellent title, it doesn't represent the range and capabilities of the system. Nintendo touts such innovation regarding the game pad, so I want a game that'll really show it off.

Since the Wii U boasts more online and multi-player features, I also want to wait until more people also own a system. I'm not a big online gamer, but that's generally because I don't care for playing with strangers. Waiting for my buddies to also be in a financial position to pick up a Wii U ensures more robust fun for all of us.
Wii U offers up 'multi-player gaming sessions', but are genres other than FPSes in the works?

Lastly, and I think a lot of people can probably relate to this, I have so many other games to be playing right now. Adding an entirely new system to the mix would just be detrimental to the piles of "money" I already have in my house. Maybe every time I finish a game that I've been putting off I can put five or ten dollars into a Wii U fund jar? That'd serve the multi-purpose of saving and finishing more games in my library! I like the sound of this.

Are you waiting for more titles before buying a Wii U?



Yep, I'm waiting to get a Wii U because New Super Mario Bros. U is the only thing I would get, too! If there was a new Zelda game, though, I might be dying to experience the latest epic.

But getting it early could be advantagous in that if you know you're going to own it eventually, you might as well buy it as soon as possible, anyway, so you experience more Wii U in your life overall.

But you have a good point about having games you still need to get around to playing and that a Wii U would distract you from that.

So, in that case, my final verdict would be to wait to buy a Wii U until a title comes out that you absolutely cannot wait to play. In the meantime, you won't be tempted away from your other gaming obligations. ;)

And your Wii U fund jar and how it works is GENIUS! :o

I agree with you Bradley! If a Zelda game were available at launch then I'd be currently freaking out.

Will you be starting your own fund jar? :D

Maybe! Not sure if I want to do a physical jar, though, since I'm going to be away from home for, like, three weeks starting tomorrow. But I DO need to play other games.

I am notorious for not finishing games I own. I haven't finished Skyward Sword, for example. I restarted the game once already telling my friend that I'm going to finish it and not do what I've done before and stop playing. Then I stopped playing. X_X

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