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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! Here's a Pokemon Paper Sculpt!

Things have been really hectic around my mom's house these past few days. With last minute gift making and getting even sicker (spoiler alert: I have bronchitis), time is flying and all of a sudden it is Christmas Eve!

I want to take a minute to with everyone a happy holiday. Whatever you celebrate, whatever brings you close to your family and friends, I wish you a happy one! This time of year is my favorite because I become overcome with love and appreciation for the things that I have and the people in my life. And cookies. I make a lot of cookies this time of year. Does anyone have any great nerd crafted recipes they're willing to share?

This year I decided to combine the gift giving season with an opportunity to get more paper sculpt practice in, and I want to share one of them now. I made this for my best friend Jacki and, since she and I did a gift exchange over the weekend, I can now safely share it here:

She favors Squirtle, and Oddish will forever be my favorite. So this is really a self portrait of us.

I am particularly proud of the open Pokeball detailing!

After the other gifts have been given I plan on sharing some of the other projects I worked on. I know you're all very excited about it!

Before signing off today I want to thank you, dear readers, for reading. I deeply appreciate every page view and comment! You're one of the many things I give thanks for this time of year.



Oh, dear. Bronchitis! =( It's a good thing you're with your family!

You know, I was going to point out the pokeballs of this amazing paper sculpt but then I noticed that you mentioned them within the caption of your last image. They are indeed awesome and makes the sculpt so that it knocks it out of the park - many folks wouldn't have even thought to include those open pokeballs!

And I appreciate this blog! You make geekdom that much more wonderful.

Thanks Bradley! I was super excited when the open Pokeballs occurred to me, so I'm very glad that they're a good detail point to other people as well.

And another huge 'thank you'! That really means a lot to me!

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