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Friday, December 14, 2012

Those Precious Coins

With our Governor of Geekdom feeling a little under the weather I've whipped together this little ditty for ya.


It's kind of been done, sure, but this is a slightly different angle. I don't claim to be the first person who thought of this, but hell, I had fun making it and it's always nice to think back on the little guys you crushed on your way to the Big Bad. Back when I first saw Bowser that's what I thought he'd look like if ever we were to meet in a dark dank dungeon. At the end of the game I also kind of expected something to happen with the coins, I mean, extra lives are great but a plumber can only use so many extra lives.

Get well soon MJ, the Geeks are restless without you.

En Taro Adun,


Good stink'n kids are pretty talented!! :-)

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