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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Delirium off the Port Side.

I am going on day seven or eight of being wildly ill, and it's making writing a real challenge. I can't keep my attention focused long enough to do any research or to come up with real topics, and as I write I'm still at a total loss.

I thought that perhaps going through the old Google Reader would get my brain turning on a subject or two, but I'm really just staring blankly at my screen while feeling as though I'm in a badly pressurized air plane that has been attempting to land for three or four days.

Remember when you were little and you'd get sick and your parent or someone would take care of you and you'd get to watch all your favorite shows on TV? Why do I have to be a grown up who is forced to make her own tea and soup?!

I really should have been using this time to finally watch 'Firefly'.

(I know I know, it's a travesty that I haven't seen it yet)

It's becoming apparent that this is all going nowhere fast, so I'll leave you with an entertaining image and we'll all just hope that things go back to normal on Friday.


Good. I have my fingers and toes crossed that you fine readers aren't also currently sick to the bone and hacking up blobs in the sink that look suspiciously like tiny slugs.

Oh, right, here's the image I promised:

Pfft. Wifi signals, mirite? Source.




You havn't watch firefly yet? I mean: never? But you should watch it! (and I guess you know that ;D )

Get well soon!

I've seen the first episode two or three times, but never continued the series. I continue to be ashamed xD

Thank you for the well wishes!

The graphic is pretty much spot on. We have something similar in our apartment. My husband has a dead zone for our phones at his desk, 5 feet right it works just fine.

P.S.You haven't seen Firefly? You sooo should!

It's amazing how the wifi stop just short of where we need it most! xD

I'm currently watching all of Buffy, so Firefly (and Dollhouse!) are one the list!

Don't forget to laugh while sick! It helps! Your prescription should include some hearty helpings of your favorite lol-worthy entertainment! And a relaxing atmosphere. Cozy blankets are super-effective!

So, favorite flicks, applicable hot drinks, the deep purring of a kitty-cat, and get warm and snuggly. Posthaste!

Get well, MJ.

Brad that'd be a great idea if the laughter didn't put me into the most horrific coughing fits XD Alas, I continue to fine lol-worthy material anyway! I DID watch season seven of HIMYM though, and that was a very nice time.

Thanks for the well wishes :D

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