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Monday, December 10, 2012

Decorating in Style. Geek Style!

While decking the halls with a fellow gamer friend, she showed me some super cute Super Mario Bros. ornaments that she owned. They added a lot of fun to the otherwise traditional decorations in her home and on her tree, and I started thinking about what other kinds of geeky ornaments exist in the world!

(This all dovetails nicely with the Ocarina of Time note ornaments that I included in my 'gift' post from last week.)

Without having specific products in mind to search for, I had to go with a generic 'geek Christmas', or 'geek decorations' search. I bet the internet holds more treasures still, but here are the fun things that I found!

-Custom TARDIS/Doctor Who holiday stocking from geekabyebaby on Etsy

-Hand painted Creeper festive platter from sweetpeapaint on Etsy

-Digital gaming wreath from ThinkGeek

-Super Mario Bros. puffy ornament set from bowlerhatbudgie on Etsy

-Pixel snowman mug from ThePeachPoppy on Etsy

-Invincible Star tree topper from jinglebells0424 on Etsy

-Star Wars Yoda lights from ThinkGeek

There are more options still for those who prefer a diy approach to their festivities. I found a few fun Mario Nutcrackers, for instance! Do you have any geek or gaming related holiday decorations in your house?



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