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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Woes of Holiday Releases

This time of year is always difficult for us, the gamers. Well, our wallets really. Let's take a look at the big holiday releases that I'm excited for and then quietly weep together because I can't afford them. Sound good? Okay!

Even if I could afford them all, I'd be facing a gaming release calendar not unlike
the one in this amazing Penny Arcade comic from fall of 2008.

1. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (yesterday)
2. LEGO Lord of the Rings (oct 30)
3. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (nov 6)
4. Paper Mario: Sticker Star (nov 11)
5. Scribblenauts Unlimited (nov 13)
6. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (nov 16)
7. Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two (nov 18)

Look at that list! Couldn't they have been spaced out just a tiny bit more? The only one that I can't live without is Paper Mario: Sticker Star, so you can bet I'm counting down the days until November 11th (and saving my pennies)! At least with the titles releasing at such a staggering pace so close to Christmas it gives me a chance to add to my wish list!

It's not exactly news that publishers push titles from mid-October through early December because of the Christmas factor, but it still seems unfair to gamers on a few levels. The cost gets to be completely absurd, but (almost) more than that is the lack of time.

A moderately uncomfortable situation. 

On a few occasions I've grabbed more than once new release at a time and it always spelled disaster. I'd waffle over which game I should play first, then inevitably I'd ignore one game and lose long-term interest. What a tragedy! But in all seriousness it does make me feel bad for the forgotten game and then it feels like a waste of money.

All I need is a little patience and the reminder of how much I dislike having multiple new games at once, then I can feel better about my lack of funds. I'll be picking up Paper Mario on release, and if I get one of these titles for Christmas (I'm thinking Power of Illusion. SEGA throw-back!!) then I'll be one happy little gamer.

So tell me, fellow geeks, which holiday titles are you most looking forward to? What is your must have game of the season?



What about the Wii U, need to purchase that before you can get some of the games. I'm really excited about the Wii U but I just don't think I am going to be able to get one within the next two years unless the price drops significantly.

Fortunately (?) all of the games I'm most looking forward to are 3DS releases. I'm also hoping for a Wii U price drop within the first year. That, or a money windfall! :D

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