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Friday, October 5, 2012

Computer Mouse Removed In Favor Of Touch Pad?

According to this article over at CNET as well as industry trends, it seems like the traditional computer mouse will soon be a thing of the past. Am I the only person who is bothered by this? I despise the touch pad on my Macbook and much prefer to use my magic mouse. I have some good reasons, too!

Let me count the ways! source.
1. Photo editing
2. Gaming
3. Tumblr
4. More, I'm sure

It's a bit of a nightmare to edit photos with a touch pad. I need the precision and care of the mouse in order to execute fine details. Gaming is pretty obvious, have you ever tried Minecraft on a touch pad? Horrible. Finally, with all of the scrolling that accompanies tumblr who else out there has chafed fingertips?! I cannot be the only one!

Imagine me as a kitten and that may evoke some sympathy. source

Now, my magic mouse does have touch functionality to it and I do like that. However the surface is much smoother than my laptop track pad and the interaction between it and my fingertips is quite minimal. I've been working in various places around the house, places where a mouse cannot always go, and my fingertips have been reduced to only light burning sensations. No flesh, it's all gone.

Perhaps I spend too much time on the computer, but that's sort of my job. I doubt that all mice will go to extinction; third parties will take that market corner and keep the retro-cool mouse alive. It's still a strange thought though. I'm hoping to buy a desktop soon and how weird would it be to unpack the components and find not a mouse, but an external track pad?

Doesn't look right to me. source and source.

The CNET article talks about how with the rise of smart phones and tablets consumers are just getting used to touch functionality. My issues don't stem from a distaste for touch functions, certainly not. Experiences with my iPad are smooth and enjoyable, and I love touch phones. Similarly, tablet PCs with pens are amazing to use and so precise once you're used to them. These tools all have a place though, as does the traditional mouse.

Long live the mouse!



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