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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A quick note.

Last night I dreamed about a large spider, I blame this on WoW.

Last night I dreamed about playing WoW, I blame this on WoW too.

I've traversed the Whirwind caves and I am at about to approach Lugia. You know what my dumbass did? Failed to stock up on Ultra Balls.

My Ampharos can get it down to barely any HP, in the red and paralyzed, but it proceeds to KO all of my Pokemon after that. I can barely throw enough Ultra Balls even if I had a sufficient quantity. I need to swap out one of my party members for one that knows Sleep in some form, that'll at least buy me some time. I suppose I'll dig my way out and have a go at it later.

I believe I forgot Sleep Powder in favor of Poison Powder with my Oddish. Was that the right decision? I'll go to the move tutor place and hash things out.

Yesterday I couldn't figure out how to spell simultaneously. I had everything correct except for the "u". I tried it with a, e and i. I was getting very angry. I feel a lot better now.

One last thing, last night while I was running around Dolanaar I picked up a quest from some guy on the floor in a house. There was another player standing near him. After I accepted the quest and started to leave s/he called me a slut. Not really sure what that was all about. I took a screen shot though, my very first inexplicably rude person! I really feel like I'm a part of the MMO world now.


I'm pretty sure I have the mature language filter on, so s/he had to retype it with a space so their random, angry insult could properly display. I have such a love-hate relationship with the internet.



I don't understand any of that. Well, not that I don't understand. I just don't have any frame of reference.

I don't either. I suppose I just need to ignore it!

In my previous comment I was referring to all the WoWness in the blog.

As for now, did someone call you a slut? Tell them to go feast on a bag of dicks. 'Scuse me, bag of d icks.

I'm pretty sure that person was calling me a slut. It's easy to tell if you're saying something to everyone, whispering to a friend, sharing with a group or guild, etc. So I can't imagine that they meant to whisper that to a friend, especially considering that they went through the trouble to type it again with the space.

The best thing to do is ignore them. No reason to engage in their shitty behavior. It's a bit jarring though.

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