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Friday, May 21, 2010

It Looks Delicious.

This is a good space to just rant and rave about Penny Arcade comics that I love.

I've been spending my free internet time reading the Penny Arcade archives. They started their comic in November (I believe) of 1998. There's a lot of great material in there just waiting to be perused on a rainy day. Or in my case, when I'm bored or just in need of more comics.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite strip. It's just so hilarious. The expressions are perfect, Gabe just looks so happy in that last panel. He wants to have a cake party! I love the persona of Gabe. He makes me happy. I should throw a cake party sometime in honor of this strip. The cake would have to have a dong on it though, y'know, to keep it really Penny Arcade.

Mike and Jerry are just so poignant. They're able to take just about any topic and really "get it" in their default three panel setup. That's talent. And they're so funny. No matter what they choose to write their comic about (it's usually video games but not always), they're able to really give it that extra jazz, really Penny Arcade it up.

Kudos to them both, I really appreciate their work as web comic creators and as the philanthropic folk that they're becoming through Child's Play!



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