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Monday, May 24, 2010

Did someone say shiny?

Something magical happened to me today. 

I'd like to paint you a picture, if you wouldn't mind.

Flash back to two days ago when Kelly is visiting me. We gabbed all day about video games, World of Warcraft, Pokémon and Zelda. One particular conversation regarding Pokémon turned to the original starters of Red and Blue: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. No starters have compared since then, in my humble opinion. He agreed. The other starters all just look... weird, and their evolutions have never felt quite right to me either. We went on to discuss what lengths we would have to go to in order to get those three Pokémon onto our Soul Silver/Heart Gold versions. 

My convoluted answer was this: start a file on Leaf Green/Fire Red, trade the starter to someone with a copy of Diamond/Pearl, trade from Diamond/Pearl to Soul Silver/Heart Gold. Repeat from step one with the other two starters. 

Sounds exhausting! Past that, breeding with a Ditto would be required in order to get more and share with other players. I learned today that starters have only a 10% chance of being female, and when breeding the female Pokémon is what the egg will turn out to be. Seeing as there's such a low chance of our magical starters being female, breeding with a Ditto is just easiest because it'll guarantee that you get whatever the other Pokémon is. This is really only a good idea if you don't care about nature or egg moves. I'm getting way over my own head right now.

So breeding well is extremely complicated. I discovered today that I have a friend named Eve who, along with her boyfriend Brit, happen to be well versed in Pokémon breeding! How wonderful, a perfect opportunity to ask them questions! We start to talk about breeding and rare Pokémon. She brings up shiny Pokémon, extremely rare alternate colored versions of regular Pokémon. I tell her I've never even seen a shiny, let alone owned one.

But that's this? Eve has a surprise for me! I'm instructed to get out my DS and prepare to receive my belated birthday gift.

SHINY ODDISH! Can you say jaw on the freakin' floor?! I am PSYCHED! I never dreamed I'd have a shiny Oddish! Just so you know, Oddish has been and always will be my most favorite and beloved Pokémon. This beauty passed hands from Brit's friend, to Eve and finally to me. Eve says she can't think of anyone else who would give it a better home. She is so right!

The surprises and excitement didn't stop there though.

THE ORIGINAL STARTERS! I mentioned earlier that she and Brit are excellent breeders. They breed all sorts of Pokémon to give away and to build their own super teams. What a dream come true! I timidly asked if I could get two of each to give one set to my best friend Jacki, a fellow Pokémon lover. They happily obliged. 

Thank you Eve and Brit! I will treasure my shiny Oddish, and when I'm finished in the Kanto region and move to the Johto region in Soul Silver I'm going to add them to my team to really kick it old school in the original region! Can I get a hell yeah?! Don't mind me.



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