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Friday, January 3, 2014

Video Game Haikus

Greetings, Readers!

Here at A Bit of Geek, we like to think we enrich your minds with our tidbits of video game knowledge. But what we also want to do is to give your geek souls the proper nourishment they need as well. So we present you with our video game poetry, written in haiku verse, to give you thoughts to ponder the deep questions of life. Without further adieu, we present: Video Game Haikus

A simple duck hunt,

controller pressed to the screen.

The dog laughs at me.

The true enemy.

Worse than the evil Ganon,

the water temple.

Forged from a blizzard.

Need additional pylons.

A craft of the stars.

Childhood memories,

palm made raw from the joystick.

Mario Party.

The future is here.

The next Halo installment,

Halo 21.

The Call of Duty.

The quick death in matchmaking.

A god damn camper.

In the land of scrolls,

dragons soar through Skyrim skies.

The Dragonborn comes.

In 20XX,

by the son of Doctor Light,

Megaman saves us.

Call me Luigi,

I fight just as hard as my bro.

I'm not “Player 2.”

The cake is a lie.

She promised me from day one.

I prefer pie, though.


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