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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Discovered Artist Showcase - supercoolspyclub

In order to inspire my own interests (while simultaneously fighting back the urge to rage-quit a tangible hobby because of jealously and fears of inadequacy) I am constantly on the look out for new paper artists to follow! I love to find people who have the same or a similar style to what I’m attempting to achieve. I’ve found that this is kind of hard to do, though. I don’t know if my search terms are off or what, but it’s just hard to find paper artists for me.

A while back I found a great tumblr that does all the work for me! They don’t post *super* often, I suspect because they have a similar issue that I did, but when they do, it’s almost always gold. Through them I found Jared Andrew Schorr, or supercoolspyclub on tumblr. His stuff absolutely rocks! Even better is that I sent him a message telling him how I was melting and freaking out over his work, and he gave me a response of thanks and encouragement for my own work. What a guy!

Please relax and enjoy this (very small) selection of his work.

paper forest 

paper art in test tubes 
I never would have thought to display paper in anything but a frame.

same color layering - black shark 
Same color layering!

monsters inc. door paper art 
I don’t even want to talk about it.

foxes on bikes 
Tiny cuts for fur? Yes!

His work is so simple, yet detailed! Such clean lines while also depicting movement and activity. And so delicate! Some of these pieces appear to be extremely small! How does he cut out the circles? You know, I tried to make a watery background for an octopus piece one time, and it was a full blown disaster. It looked so bad. I felt like a first grader who had just learned how to cut construction paper. I believe I threw it away because it filled me with such shame and frustration. But look!

octopus on water 
It can be done! I really should give it another shot!

I’m so thrilled by everything that he does, and it has helped me to get back to the Toejam and Earl sculpt that I’ve been trudging through. I knew when I started it that it’d be a real challenge, and so I’m dragging my feet rather badly. Then I see detailed sets like this:

underwater scene

and I know I have to get back on the horse.

What do you think of his work? Do you have any amazing paper artists for me? :D


*all images have been respectfully borrowed from Schorr's tumblr and they are his property.


Those test tubes are amazing. Thank you for introducing me to Schorr's work!

The Monsters Inc.
I can't...just...I need it!

Thanks for looking! I'm glad that you're enjoying his creations :D The test tubes have me wondering what interesting containers I could potentially use for future projects!

Right?! It's unbelievable! I would love to see these pieces in person.

This was a great post! I love the art <33

I'm happy that you enjoyed it ^_^

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