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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Goals

I've never been much for resolutions, simply because I can't keep them. I remember resolving to do homework before playing games, or getting straight As, or... well, that was pretty much it. My New  Year's promise was always about school and I always quit my gung-ho nature after a few weeks. Now the new year generally starts with a, "It would be nice if..." and then I proceed to list off things that would be "nice." After a month or two passes, and I've done nothing, I start to narrow down that list to one or two concrete goals and then view them as "when" and not "if." It has proven to be quite effective!

It's super effec-... wait, wrong game.

For fun, though, I want to share my "It would be nice!" lists here. It's a combination of both personal and blog related with plenty of geek thrown into the mix!


* It would be nice if A Bit of Geek didn't have any web down time this year

* It would be nice if the A Bit of Geek facebook page hit 500 likes

* It would be nice if I carried out a product idea from start to finish and started selling said product

* It would be nice if I started cosplaying

* It would be nice if I started my cosplay videos idea

* It would be nice if A Bit of Geek hosted more giveaways

* It would be nice if Rachel and I got our variety show idea off the ground

Feeling really good about my list so far.


* It would be nice if I finally finished my Skyward Sword file

* It would be nice if I started and finished A Link Between Worlds in 2014

* It would be nice if I created at least one paper sculpt each month

* It would be nice if I organized my craft room

* It would be nice if I played board games at least once a month

* It would be nice if I made it to Scotland this spring

A country whose national animal is a unicorn? Worth at least one visit.

What would be nice for you this year?


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