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Monday, January 20, 2014

Final Fantasy 8 Diary - Entry 4

Dear Diary,

I just learned that we get zero exam points for that mega beard dragon we fought. This is bullshit! But holy shit, I got a new GF! Someone called Siren. I assumed she was some magic that would put people to sleep. But that's not what she does at all, so that's a pleasant surprise! Want to hear a not so pleasant surprise? Selphie dropping the bomb that we had to be back at the ship in 30 minutes. 30! So Seifer ran ahead, and then the rest of us got attacked by some giant ass robotic spider! It chased us the whole way down the island. We managed to elude it on the bridge though. Every time I thought we had outrun it, Zell or Selphie would turn around to look at it. I'm partnered with morons, I swear.

When we got to shore I was running flat out and rolled into the sand. Our vessel was pulling away from the shore and I felt panicked. I really thought they were going to leave without me. After a running dive that landed me half in the water, Quistis busted out her machine gun and finally got that freaking spider to stop chasing me. The cherry on top of this cluster? Seifer took all the credit. He wasn't even there! Actually, the real shit cherry was that poor dog not making it out of the central plaza. I wanted to save him, I did, but I just got so panicked.

To blow off some steam, I decided to go and play Zell's mom at cards. Right off the bat, I won her Malboro! I should have a good deck in no time, and then I will finally beat that kid at the academy. Oh, and I can’t forget, his mom had a card of him! Kind of doofy that she had a card of her son, but also a little sweet. I guess. I won it, by the way. I didn’t have any cards with an A on them yet.

When we got back to the academy it was finally time to get our exam scores. Zell, Selphie, and some random guy and I all passed. Seifer did not, and he led a very... suspicious slow clap for us. I don't trust him. I ended up with a SeeD rank 4. I'm told that's really not too bad! I feel so guilty about not saving that dog from the robotic spider though. Things just got so frantic, I...I... I deserve this low ranking.

a single candle 
R.I.P. plaza dog.

Feeling the shame tonight,


[This is part of a series of diary entries chronicling my first play through of Final Fantasy 8. I write from the perspective of Squall, but with the twist of a person putting thoughts rambling and unedited into a diary. Join me on my journey of love, loss, and intense angst.]

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"I’m partnered with morons, I swear."


And I'm sure the dog got away safety. They have good instincts like that.

The kicker is that I was worried about the dog from the get go and then totally forgot about it when heading back to the ship at the end! I still feel so guilty!

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