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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Find: Casetagram

Today's Fun Find from the Internet is Casetagram, a fully customizable phone case made out of your Instagram photos! Actually, not just your Instagram photos. Users can also pull over Facebook pictures, and upload images from their computers as well! The website offers a wide variety of phone cases to choose from, too, so this isn't an Apple Only club!

casetagram phone options
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Prices are reasonable, with iPhone 4/4s cases being only $34.95 (prices do vary depending on your phone model), plus free worldwide shipping. The website includes a simple to use drag-and-drop interface to assist the user in creating their custom case. Casetagram even includes pre-made templates to help with the design process. Once you've chosen your phone brand, you can immediately begin importing pictures. From there you drag and drop your images onto the phone template. So simple! Users canchange the template as many times as they want to suit their needs and find the best layout for their work! Note that changing the template does erase the images that you've dragged over.You can also have your choice of clear,black or white for the case, and Casetagram even includes Instagram-esque filters to apply to your completed design.

I originally learned about Casetagram from The Dainty Squid, a wonderful blog that I love to read. Kaylah posted about her new custom case (covered in pictures of her kitties!) and I was immediately intrigued! Sadly, I have no kitties to photograph :[ I do, however, have tons of video game photography! Check out the case I designed for funsies!

casetagram 4s mockup video games

Users can save their designs into a gallery on the Casetagram website for future viewing and purchase. They can make as many designs as they want, it would appear, and can even submit their cases into the Challenge to try and win prizes!Creations can only be purchased by the user unless they submit it for considerationto the Collection section. If you have a great design, why not put it up for sale?

Unfortunately I can't speak as to the sturdiness of the case, but from The Dainty Squid's picture it looks as though the print quality is quite high! I think it's time for me to squirrel away some cash and save for the video game iPhone case of my dreams!

Have youused Casetagram? If you've made any creations then we'd love to see them! Just send us a link in the comments : )


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