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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gotta Collect Them All - PAX Buttons!

Last week's article about PAX panels included a brief snippit on buttoneering, and today it's time for a full blown reveal! The A Bit of Geek team will be storming the convention center, armed with one hundred special buttons apiece, and we'll be all set to trade! The "rules" of buttoneering entail that you give a button to get a button, but we're not picky! You don't have to be a buttoneering participant, just ask us for one! We want to spread the cheer and get our name out there : )

pax buttoneer buttons

pax buttoneer buttons

Check out that variety! You'll have to find all of us if you want to collect the whole set. Kuribo's Shoe is mine, the Paragon symbol is Rachel's, Spider-man is Tom, and little Mega Man there joyously holding the Triforce belongs to Zach. We plan on taking a few breaks through the weekend to pass out buttons together, so maybe you'll find us then! Oh, and honorary ABoG member Morgan will have a small set of buttons, too. Only forty, so you'd better act fast!

sonic button pax buttoneer

We will definitely be at the buttoneering meetup on Sunday morning, so if you're having trouble tracking us down you can find us there!

Will any readers be participating? If so, let us know and show us your button!


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