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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video Game Character Spotlight: Star Wolf

Every story needs a good villain. Someone to oppose the protagonist at every turn, possibly throw in a villain-themed pun or two. And if they are really effective, they are able to match the hero turn for turn. This rivalry is what pushes the villain forward, to prove themselves the better of the two. Amongst the realm of video game characters, you have the great rivalries: Cloud and Sephiroth, Mario and Bowser, Pacman and those damn illusive dots. But perhaps one of the greatest among them is the love/hate relationship between the goody-two-shoes Fox McCloud and the illustrious, bad boy extraordinaire, Star Wolf. One of the main antagonists of the Star Fox series, Star Wolf is the rival mercenary of Star Fox and leader of his own band of misfits, the Star Wolf team.

“He was going to self-title his gang, but the 'Wolf O'Donnell Team' didn't sound very intimidating,” Source.

Known through the galaxy as a ruthless band of mercs, Star Wolf and his team take the more sinister jobs: crushing altruistic rebellions, protecting a civilization-destroying bomb and just putting down anyone who thought they could ever hope to save the day. Star Wolf is able to do this through the use of his advanced fighter ship, the Wolfen, a mighty ship befit a legendary mercenary. A ship armed to the teeth, the Wolfen is equipped with dual laser cannons, gravity diffusion shielding and barrel rolling boosters. With his ship, Star Wolf is feared for his incredible piloting skills, easily out maneuvering his enemies and destroying anyone in his way.

“He operates it best when he's standing on its wing, striking a pose," Source.

But as there is always a great villain, there must also be a great hero to ruin the fun. And Star Wolf's opposition comes in the form of his longtime rival, Fox McCloud. Both leading teams of mercenary space fighters, Wolf and Fox are each the best of their respective sides. They are nearly equally matched in skill and bravery, but differ in their own ways. While Fox is the selfless hero of the story, Wolf is cunning and ruthless, much like the rest of his species. He continually tries to prove that he is the best there is, which puts him at ends with the Star Fox team and sometimes even the people that hire him. This drive puts him as a lone wolf at heart, but he always manages to keep his team loyal and precise, no matter the cost.

“And we're not talking the monetary value to keep them looking so fabulous,” Source.

However, even as he hates McCloud, Star Wolf has a mutual respect for his rival. From time to time he has even saved his life, if only so that he can be the one to kill him later on. This back and forth has been the signature of Star Wolf; always playing by his own rules in his pursuit to be the best. In this regard, he is a true villain, for he is tenacious until the bitter end. He is the dark of the Star Fox series, always managing to oppose the protagonists and their righteous endeavors. We could go on and on about the greatness of Star Wolf, but we must unfortunately finish this piece.

“Can't let you do that, Tom," Source.

….....Alright, now we're finished.


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