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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Never Without My Friends.

Just about everyone has a favorite TV show. You know the one, where you can quote it at any time, watch it whenever, and you really know every episode by heart. For me (and my sister) that show is Friends.

The cast of Friends. Source.

We started watching it in the spring of 1998 and we never looked back. It was the only TV show that was ever a tradition in my house. Thursday night was Friends night, and my sister, mom and I would gather 'round the TV to watch the newest episode. During the last season my sister was in a number of extra curricular activities, some that took place on Thursday nights and therefore prevented her from watching the new episode as it aired. When this happened my mom and I would record it and then wait until she got home to watch it.

At this point my sister and I both own the complete series DVD box set and we watch them constantly. If I'm writing an article, there's a good chance that I have Friends on in the background. If my sister is in the room with me then most likely every other sentence we say is actually a Friends quote. I generally watch the episodes on my computer while I surf the web. I don't need to see the video anymore to know what's happening. I can see character movement and faces in my mind's eye.

In September of 2011 I went on a tour of the Warner Bros. studio and experienced a number of Friends set locations. It was a literal dream come true, and you can read all about it if you'd like. After the tour my friend and I were milling about the gift shop and in the Friends merchandise section there was a TV, with no sound, playing a random episode. I stood watching the TV while listening to the dialogue in my head and laughing at the unheard jokes.

A screenshot of gifs from one of my favorite scenes ever. Full gif set here.

Some people dislike this show, and I honestly don't get why. I find it to be wholesome, while somehow mildly inappropriate, and absolutely hysterical. I can't count the number of times I've seen each episode, and yet I laugh just as hard at the jokes now as I did the first time around.

Friends means the world to my sister and me. It's an inexplicable bond and I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't watch this show whenever I felt the need. What is your favorite show?



I LOVE friends. Whenever I'm sad or feeling alone (yeah that sometimes happens in that dark and cold winter ;) ) I watch one, two, three or more episodes of friends. That makes me really feel better.

That's my alltime favourite show (besides Star Trek)

I have purchased the entire series three times (so far). Like Zeitzeugin, it is at the top of my list with Star Trek.

Zeitzeugin - I do the same thing! Feeling down? Put on some Friends! :D

Shaun - I really want to get the blu-ray set!

It sounds like I should really be watching Star Trek...

I would say Better Off Ted is my favorite comedy TV show [Archer at a close 2nd]. I'm not at the point where you and Cass are, but I'm sure, in the future, I'll be able to quote full episodes. Especially since it only has 2 seasons [SOOO sad!]. It's the funniest live action TV show on a powerhouse network [ABC] I've seen in a long time [It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia notwithstanding].

As far as Drama goes? Sons of Anarchy. Followed closely by Breaking Bad. Followed closely by Justified. Followed closely by Dexter. Followed closely by Rescue Me.

TONS of amazing shows! Not enough time to watch.

I forgot to say that I love Friends too! You know this, though. Didn't necessarily need to hear it again.

Jake - Better Off Ted is fantastic! It's sad that there are only two seasons. At least they're both pure gold, I guess! Lately I keep hearing good things about Justified. Do you think I'd like it?

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