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Friday, January 4, 2013

Firefly Will Have Me Emerging Shiny and New.

It has come up on multiple occasions, mostly random previous articles, that I have never watched the show Firefly. Before you freak out let me assure you that it a source of constant shame and sadness and my shoulders are heavy with the burden.

The point of today's article isn't to talk about my shame, but rather to discuss why I'm glad I haven't seen it yet. I feel I've been given some sort of rare gift and opportunity. How often do people say they wish they could experience something for the first time all over again? I know I've wished that, and I feel that watching someone else's first experience can be nearly as good. So, with that in mind, I've got grand plans to watch Firefly with my Whedonite friend Rachel at my side (different from my Whovian friend Rachel. I have the best friends). And it is going to be fantastic.

Mentally prepping to become intimately acquainted with the Firefly logo. Source.

The fact that I've never watched the show has been causing heart attacks for a long time now, and one might think that would build up some sort of impossible-to-actually-achieve-greatness. But the truth is I know I won't be let down. My television journey has recently brought me to watch Buffy, and I have been so enthralled and impressed with Whedon's writing style and characters that I am really excited to watch his... space cowboy offering. 

Last week I finally started my journey. I believe it was the fourth time I had sat down to watch the pilot episode of Firefly. Every other time I was bored, restless, and confused. Watching it last week, though, was really like watching it with fresh eyes. 

Perhaps it was advantageous to have a seasoned fan next to me to fill me in on their slang and the random bits of Chinese. Maybe it was the fact that Rachel encouraged me to talk and ask questions through the episode. It could have been because we turned on subtitles so I could actually follow the dialogue because they seem to speak incomprehensibly to me. Whatever the case, something lined up and I was enthralled. 

Just look at that stunning cast. I want to know them! Source.

There are many things (movies, music, TV shows) that I watched as a child and then later watched as an adult with so much more appreciation. Firefly seems like the sort of show that, had I watched it ten years ago as a teenager, I would have enjoyed but not truly understood. So I believe it is a treat to be watching it for the first time as an adult, with a history in science fiction and fantasy, and with a greater knowledge base of writing skills, direction, and story arcs. 

It will be wonderful to finally join the ranks of the Browncoats and to no longer have to say, "I've never seen Firefly."



OMG, it's so good! You are going to love it. :)

I've seen the first three episodes and I am really enjoying myself so far!

NICE! I'm just trailing behind you in the Firefly-watching. I'm still only two episodes in, but now that I have Netflix, it's sitting in my Instant Queue!

I, too, know what it's like to be "burdened" with not having watched these great shows that others have already consumed.

But, I've come to relish the moments I get to say, "I've never watched Firefly/Buffy/Dr. Who (Hey, I'll get to it, MJ!)/etc." 'cause I get to see the reactions! They shake their head, or they get shocked faces (my favorite!). =)

People's reactions are priceless! I think I'll miss the astonishment I've received over saying, "I've never watched Firefly" haha.

That's awesome that we've both recently started it though!

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