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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flashback Gaming: Dragon Court.

It would be easy for me to say that my first foray into the RPG genre happened with Final Fantasy IX, but that'd be dishonest. There's another game that I played frequently, and it came into my life years before Final Fantasy did.

The point and click of yore: Dragon Court from

When I was in seventh grade or so my friend introduced me to Dragon Court, a java based point and click adventure game. It involved dragon slaying, vagrant evading, item selling, sword wielding, and leveling up. There were all manner of devious enemies in-game, and players could send letters as well as items to their in-game friends.

I spent many happy hours wandering with my character trucker_man (I'm pretty sure that was his name and I have NO idea why. Don't question the mind of a twelve year old, I guess). I had a few different characters that I played, but I progressed the farthest with him. The game starts off with easy quests in the field just past the castle, and as your character levels up you venture farther into the woods, and eventually into the mountains.

The mountains contained the dreaded dragon, and never once did I bring the noble beast down. I'm not sure which game it was that dragged me away from the world of Dragon Court, but it's a safe bet that it was probably Ocarina of Time. Has anyone else out there played Dragon Court? Do you know of any other gem-like browser based games that you want to share?



I really miss this game! Usually, most games have clones or near clones that are remade a dozen times, especially in this day of apps. But I've never found a game quite like Dragon Court, where you had only a limited amount of things you could do each day. I wish this game hadn't closed down, or at least that it had its own wiki or something so I could see pictures of all the areas and stuff.
Glad to know someone else remembers it!

What happened to the website? (And Fred). Would love to know if there is some incarnation of the game around

According to the website it states that Fred is looking for someone else to host the games. I would love to see Dragon Court 2 running again... spend a lot of fun hours there.

I'm currently building a mobile clone of DC.

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