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Monday, August 13, 2012

'Doctor Who' References in Other Shows. There Are Tons!

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday a friend showed me this:

Doctor Who reference in other shows: Rugrats. [nerdist]

And I about lost my freaking mind. Rugrats was one of my favorite shows as a child, and if it is on you can bet I will be watching it. Seeing some friggin' Daleks in the toy store, I mean come on. It's pretty awesome to see this reference considering my past love of Rugrats and my current love of Doctor Who. It got me wondering though, how many other times has a Doctor Who reference snuck its way into popular culture?

To the internet!

Better Off Ted and Doctor Who. [flickr]

Apparently the creators of Better Off Ted were Doctor Who fans, because there is a (hopefully) decommissioned Dalek in the basement of Veridian Dynamics. 

Here we have a rather spooky reference to an episode from season four called 'Silence in the Library'. Watch the clip above, and then watch this. I haven't played Fallout: New Vegas yet. I'll be sure to avoid this area.

Precious cargo in Pocket Planes. [source]

Hot on the heels of my Tiny Tower review, we have a game called Pocket Planes from the same company. It would appear that some planes carry a rather special item. (pssst, it's the TARDIS)

Is Moffat playing pranks on us? [source]

As an avid Sherlock fan, this image and subsequent speculation makes my mind boggle. It's time to re-watch The Hounds of Baskerville!

Buffy and Doctor Who? An unlikely crossover. [source]

I'm currently watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and having nightmares from some of the creepier episodes), so it's pretty fun to see this Doctor Who reference in a Buffy comic book!

Look closely: there are some tiny Daleks! [source]

In this screengrab from the Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community, you can see some Daleks behind that four sided die!

Doctor Who themed snacks on your Facebook. [source]

Most companies aren't very happy with Zynga right now, what with their blatant rip offs of popular games, but Doctor Who fans are probably still pretty happy to see this refined taste reference to the Eleventh Doctor.

No worlds are safe from Cybermen. [source]

I haven't watched Supernatural before, but Doctor Who has zapped into that universe as well.

Doctor Who references in Pokemon!? Get outta town! [source]

Pokemon is from Nintendo, and I love Nintendo, so if Nintendo incorporates Doctor Who that means that Nintendo loves Doctor Who, and that means that some sort of blindingly amazing trifecta is coming into play. Somewhere.

Doctor Who in Futurama. [source]

GIFs like this make me want to start watching Futurama again. I didn't stop for any particular reason, but this is a great reason to start again!

Read the back John, the back!! [source]

And with this second Sherlock/Doctor Who reference, I will wrap things up. Doctor Who has been a cult hit since it first aired in 1963, so it's no surprise that it has permeated so many aspects of the world's current popular culture. I think from now on I may try to keep an eye out for my own references. Are there any out there that I have missed? I'm guessing yes! If you have any, please share and then I'll be happy like this:

My favorite picture of Ten. Ever. [source]


I just finished season four, and I'm going to watch the movies before moving onto eleven :3

That's good, I ended up not watching all that extra stuff and I came into 11 TOTALLY confused. There is one episode in between, Planet of The dead I think, that is not on netflix at all though, if that is your watching platform

There are loads in all sorts of things. Though the Sherlock one is just a thing for getting the light right and I don't think Pokemon is one either, Allons-Y was not invented by Doctor Who.

They are not "movies" after series 4, just special episodes because they were struggling with the budget. Most of them were only an hour long. To help with order on Netflix they are "The Next Doctor", "Planet of the Dead", "The Waters of Mars", "The End of Time Part One" and "The End of Time Part Two".

This comment came across as kind of pretentious I think but it wasn't meant to be. I just get excited when I see Doctor Who and babble endlessly about it.

Well obviously Allons-y wasn't invented by Doctor Who xD But considering the lack of French phrases in any previous Pokemon titles, it's likely that it's a Doctor Who reference. No proof though, of course.

Nothing wrong with clarification! I didn't know the order of post season 4 mini-movies, so that's good information to have :D

Well the Pokemon one when you first enter the 'professor' tells you a whole bunch of techno babble with a lot of blah blah blah's talking about particles and other such nonsense. Also he doesnt just say Allons-y he also says Fantastic, and Molto bene.

The addition of Fantastic and Molto Bene solidify my belief that they're making Doctor Who references! :D How fun!

In an episode of Beavis and Butthead, they join the gifted program (it's a long story), and one of the students was working on a program that would increase his intelligence by 20%, and he said it was based on an episode of Doctor Who. Which episode, he didn't say.

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