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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Man-Eater' brings gamification to riding in cars.

Everyone has played the license plate game and the punch bug game, but now gamer hungry car-folk can play a new type of car game: 'Man-Eater'! It was created by an artist named Daniel Disselkoen, whose inspiration was drawn from his daily commute of four years while going to school.

Now I wish I had a road trip to embark upon so I can try to eat some people's heads! I don't know if I'd ever end up playing this on a public bus though, all of the ducking and weaving with one eye closed might draw unwanted looks from other passengers. Of course, with one eye closed and the other trained on the window I suppose I wouldn't even notice!


found via laughingsquid


Looks fun. Reminds me of the kind of stuff that is doing. They have a lot of really neat game ideas. They also have this Danish Clapping Game that no one will play with me :/

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